which would be the most "budget friendly" raw diet (already prepared) kf

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    Judy M

    Which do (u all, and Mike) consider to be the most “budget friendly” raw diet (already prepared ready to feed – so that I don’t have to source and grind and mix ingredients myself). I MA currently feeding my 7.5 ur old, 22-lb spaniel mix dog Darwins. naturals, mostly duck, but exploring other options die to q new higher fat ratio formulation combined with an increase in price. what to do the best for my dog’s health and longevity, but keep the budget in mind. I felt the naturals, ( no antibiotics, no added chemicals and or hormones,organic better for her health, which I am ok with spending more for her (tho I can’t really afford to so for myself but dogs live such short lives not want to do the very best for her, but it has to be do-able, convenient enough that I will have time for it and not end up wasting ingredients that Ia don’t have time or energy to psirce ingredients, prepare prepare and, mix and prepare and have enough energy and nough time to prepare it myself and not end up wasting ingredients when. I do t have energy to learn how to and do the work of concocting thr daily ears foe her myself. (Darwins is so easy, just thaw, open and feed. is it worth the extra cost by being that much more healthy for her, or would it be just as healthy to switch to something else. ,( I notice that even Fresh Pet (available at grocery store) has received 4 stars). is premium or gain raw really that much vm open Should I stick with Darwins (given those considerations, even tho they at hey will n exchanging the ingredients formulation,raising the price and at same time adding more fat? should d I not be concerned with the fat increase I. the new formulation. like I said, just want my 7.5 ur old beloved dog to live as long and healthy q life as possible. any advice welcome. thanks for all replies , sorry for any typos. touchscreen learning curve)

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    For another prepared raw, I like Vital Essentials. I do ground raw that I get from Hare Today and Reel Raw. All you need is a scale, weigh & feed.

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    You can also feed a raw meaty bone (chicken thigh, drumstick for example) in place of three meals per week which will help with cost. Also, your dog should be able to eat varying amounts of fat and protein so I would still keep Darwin’s in the food rotation with other foods like the FreshPet you mentioned. There are premixes that you can just add raw or cooked meat to and a little bit of oil and that’s it. Pretty simple. I think Tuckers Raw and some of the Bravo raw foods come in the individually wrapped serving size.

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