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    Lisa H


    I have a 6 lb long-haired chihuahua and she is currently on Blue Buffalo. I want to switch her to a higher quality food and have narrowed it down between the 4 below. I wanted to see if anyone could help me choose 1 or narrow it down (based on your experience or research). My dog doesn’t have any allergies and generally likes any food that’s put in front of her 🙂

    – Nature’s Logic
    – NutriSource
    – Zignature
    – Orijen
    – Instinct

    Thank you!!

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    Hi Lisa,
    start looking for freeze dried or air dried raw diets, try & reduce all dry process kibbles.
    There are NO better quality kibbles out there.. Kibbles are made from rotten meats & fly blown veggies, then kibbles are cooked at such high temperatures all the nutrience is killed, best to feed fresh whole foods, healthy foods you eat, your dog is very small, it wouldnt cost much to feed your girl a homemade cooked or raw diet, she’ll live longer & be healthier through out her life…
    or look for human grade freeze or air dried food & rotate between different brands….

    Look at Instinct freeze dried raw, Ziwi Peak air dried, Buckley Liberty freeze dried & Canisource Grand CRU dehydrated raw food instead of a dry process kibble.

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    I recommend Zignature.

    Hope these articles help you with your decision. Both are written by veterinarians, in fact one specializes in nutrition.

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    Ps: I always add a little water or plain chicken broth, a bite of boiled chicken or something.
    I consider the kibble to be a base.
    My chicken broth recipe /forums/topic/grain-free-2/#post-109751

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