Where to find 'scientific' info about how to make healthy dog treats?

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    Chris F

    So I’m a new dog owner and I’m the kind of person that likes to do a deep dive on things I get really into. Well, I’m really into my dog and I’d LOVE to be able to make some healthy treats (probably not going all out on making his food just yet) for him and while there’s ample info out there of nutritious ways to feed your dog treats, I’d love if I could find some more detailed info.

    For example, it’s pretty clear that chicken, eggs and fish oil (provided you boost their vitamin E intake) are all great things for a dog to eat. I’m aware there are some arguments against anything, but in general. Well, I think the jerky approach is great and so I was like hmmm.. what if I take some chicken, slice it thin and then dry it out in the oven? Well, what if before I do that, I baste it in egg yolk, mix in maybe some egg shell powder and some fish oil. Boom, it’s a really healthy dog treat right? Well, I’m totally glossing over amounts, if this stuff loses its benefits by being cooked, etc.

    I’m definitely a newbie to this world as you can tell but it’s INCREDIBLY hard to find detailed information because there are a million blogs and forums and posts about healthy dog food suggestions written by anyone and everyone.

    Thanks in advance! If this has been answered before, my apologies.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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