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    We live in a small midwestern town that has as it’s major industry, a dog food plant. The company has never had a recall. We were buying their premium grain-free food for a premium price when the local farm store started carrying another big name brand that had the very same ingredients the local food had, and there was a big price difference, $15/bag. That store was actually encouraging people to switch from the local brand. A friend on the inside of the local dog food plant says that the other brand is bagged right there in the local factory, and that makes sense since the ingredients are so similar. That being said, if the other brand, which has a bad name within the recall world (Diamond), is made and bagged at a recall-free plant, wouldn’t that negate the chances of it being of poor quality/recall-prone? It seems to me if this is going on here, then it is probably true of many brands. I know that they bag Blue Buffalo there as well.

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    Any dog food plant can have a recall. ANY. It’s run by human beings. The thing with Diamond is that they are SO BIG, so they make alot more food and the CHANCES of a recall are increased. You would think having a recall has increased food safety, protocols and testing procedures.

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    From what I know ,Diamond makes its own products, period. So, its unlikely that a neighborhood local plant is bagging/making Diamond Unless the plant is a Diamond owned plant, and the “other food” is the one being copacked st it. What plant are we talking about?.

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