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    I am trying to find information about the suppliers of animal by-products for Hill’s Pet Nutrition. I contacted the company and this was the answer I got:

    “Chicken by-product meal consists of ground, rendered, wholesome parts of the chicken. It includes white meat, dark meat, liver and viscera. It is ground into a meal and the bones are extracted. The chickens are sourced from human grade USDA inspected processing plants.
    Chicken by-product meal provides a high level of protein, is highly digestible and provides a lower level of mineral content to your pet’s food. It is a very tasty ingredient for both cats and dogs.
    Hill’s sources raw materials only from countries where there are reliable safety procedures in place, primarily in the United States, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and several European countries. ”

    So, nothing. I would appreciate any information about this issue. Thank you!

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    I would bet that that is one of those questions that they would never just answer straight up.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    I’m a bit confused about what exactly you’re looking to find out. By “where do chicken by-products come from?” are you wondering what part of the chicken, what country, what particular farms?

    If you’re looking to learn more about what exactly chicken by-products (and other commonly used) pet food ingredients are, I’d urge you to check out the following links:

    The Truth About Pet Food Ingredients Part I


    The Truth About Pet Food Ingredients Part II


    The Truth About Pet Food Ingredients Part III


    Chicken By-Products are discussed in Part I.

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    Thank you!!!! Yes, I like to know the list of animal products and by-products suppliers for that particular brand. The vet prescribed it and after reading many posts here I like to know more about it or, even better, find an alternative among the 5 stars brands. I have two dogs with cancer, one with a very sensitive digestive system and two overweight, recently adopted.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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