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    stacy r

    I have French Bulldogs and struggle with soft mushy poop. tired sooo many different dog foods, kinda gave up thinking that’s just them, but then was reading something about low protein, higher fat content and higher fiber is best for firm poo . I don’t give my frenchies any chicken or grain foods. Foods we’ve tried, Acana, taste of wild, earthborn holistics, lastest is natural balance. I am at my wits end. Looking for a quality kibble . anyone heard about the ratios of protein, fat and fiber? thanks stacy

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    william C

    I had the same problem with my akita and i started purchasing raw dog food with ocean kelp, cod liver oil, now the stools are nice and hard and no more issues with soft mushy stools. The company is called Happee Dawg http://www.happeedawg.com

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    Hi stacy 4-
    I’m very familiar with soft mushy poop too! Lucky us. LOL! My dogs do better with a more moderate protein and higher fiber kibble. The one they do very best on is PureVita’s grain free turkey formula: http://purevitapetfoods.com/dog-recipes/grain-free/turkey-and-sweet-potato. I only buy it when I can find it on sale, however, due to it’s price.

    They also do well on Whole Earth Farms, Nutrisource, 4Health and Victor which all have a little higher than average fiber and are much more budget friendly.

    I also add toppers to some of their meals, which I think help as well such as tripe and frozen commercial raw.

    Here is a link to a website which was very helpful when my dogs were going through that stage: http://www.dogaware.com/health/digestive.html

    I used some of the supplements on that site, but am pretty much supplement free now, except for occasional probiotics.

    Best of luck to you and your furries!

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    Hi Stacy-

    Have you spoken to your vet about the consistant soft stool? What suggestions have they given you for types and amounts of fiber? It is odd that all of your dogs are experiencing the same stool quality.

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    Krista B

    Try fruitables, it’s a digestive supplement. Also perfect form by honest kitchen is a good one. Sometimes adding some calcium will firm up loose stools. For example in canned whole sardines there are soft bones that provide calcium. Also RMB’s (raw meaty bones) will work.

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    Are you free feeding? Leaving kibble down all day, if so, not a good idea. Try 2 meals per day, measured amounts instead, add a splash of water, a protein topper, pick food up after 10 minutes if they don’t eat. It’s okay if they skip a meal or two.
    Have you tried a bland dog food? Something like Newman Organics Advanced? Check chewy dot com for reviews.
    Grain free rich foods (such as the ones you mentioned) can cause excessive bowel movements (sometimes mushy) due to the increased fiber and chickpeas.
    PS: Why are you avoiding chicken? Cooked lean meat chicken is one of my main toppers, scrambled eggs too.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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