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    I have a 10yr old hound/pit mix. She has always had a sensitive stomach. I’ve tried various quality dog foods and she has done well on Merrick Limited Incrediant Turkey flavor. Now that Purina has bought them out I need to change foods. I’d like to stay in the same price range as the Merrick if possible. You all seem very knowledgable soooo, any suggestions?

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    My dog likes Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea, the Nutrisca Chicken is good too.
    Check Chewy.com, read the reviews.

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    My dogs with sensitive stomachs do well on Whole Earth Farms which is owned by Merrick, also do well on Pure Vita grain free Turkey. Pure Vita is owned by the same company as Nutrisource. It’s a bit expensive, but very good in my dogs’ opinion. 👍🏻

    I, btw, still feed WEF and have not noticed any difference in the food since Purina’s investment in the company.

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    Diane K

    Been researching this for a couple of days now…… finally narrowed it down to Nature’s Variety Limited Ingredient (single protein source) OR Zignature (single protein source, going to go w/ the Duck). Neither one of these has potato in it and in all the reading I have done if your dog has allergies you must stay away from potato.

    One of the employees at the pet food store recommended Merrick Limited Ingredient, Duck, and Izzie loved it BUT then I found the information about the potato so returned it.

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    Thanks everyone for all the suggestions! I’m still doing research myself but you all have given me some options I didn’t know about. Thanks again!

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