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    Hi All,

    I posted this elsewhere yesterday, but I think it makes sense here, too. I have read so much good information here that my head is spinning. I am trying to find a reasonable balance between time, effort and cost while maximizing my puppy’s health. I suspect I am not the only one.

    HDM, when you have time, would you please summarize what is “necessary” other than a good quality food to raise a healthy puppy? I live in a New York city apartment with a tiny kitchen and my income is limited. I don’t want to cheap out on my puppy, but I find it is too easy to go overboard, too. I put necessary in quotes because I understand it is an opinion, but you clearly know what you are talking about and I am hoping you can help me find an optimal balance.

    I have tentatively limited the options to just a few. They can be found in my original post, for which I put the link instead of cutting and pasting. I don’t want to be thought of as a spammer. My comment is post #24191.

    I look forward to feedback and hope this is helpful to others!


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    To add to an already complete and balanced food:

    1) Fish, salmon, or krill oil(an animal derived source of omega 3s)
    2) Coconut oil(if you have any coat, bacterial, or fungal issues or need extra fat in the diet)
    3) Some green super food(rotate spirulina, kelp, wheatgrass, barleygrass, alfalfa)
    4) Digestive enzymes with every kibble meal
    5) A source of probiotics a few times a week.

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    Thanks, Patty. A few follow-up questions for you and/or others:

    1 – Can you recommend any good, not too expensive Omega-3 products? I know human supplements are often cheaper, but not necessarily okay for a dog.
    2 – I just ordered a coconut oil I use on my skin in the winter time. It is edible, so I assume that will be fine to give my puppy a little here and there.
    3 – Again, can you recommend any good, not too expensive “green food” products?
    4 – Same as above. I would appreciate suggestions.
    5 – As I said in my post, I ordered the Dr. Stephen Langer’s Ultimate 15 Strain Probiotic I read about here and he starts it tomorrow. Can I open it and give it every other day? Is every day too much?

    Thanks Patty!

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    You’re welcome!

    1) Human fish, salmon, krill oil is just fine and more likely to not be rancid. And likely to be cheaper than one labeled for dogs.
    2) The recommendation for the best coconut oil is that it be organic virgin coconut oil. But your edible coconut oil would be fine to use until it is gone, even if it isn’t organic virgin.
    3-4) You’re already ordering from Swanson’s. Type “green super food” into the search and order a couple different ones. One seaweed/algae and one grass. They have some combo products that sound good, but they have green tea in them which is a no no, unless you know it is decaf, which they usually don’t say. Swanson’s also has omega 3 oils and coconut oil and digestive enzymes, woohoo!
    5) Giving Dr Langers every other day or every 3 days is great. During times of stress you can jack up the dose. You can’t OD probiotics.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    I agree with Patty on human omega 3 supplements versus pet omega 3 supplements. I just wanted to point out that omega 3 supplements are not something you want to look for a bargain on. Even most human fish oils have been found to be rancid by the time they’re sold. If you splurge on any of your supplements let it be omega 3’s. I’d recommend Carlson brand or Nordic Naturals (I use Carlson).

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    Thanks, HDM and Patty. I think I will use the same Omega 3s for my puppy I use for myself, the Nature Made Fish Oil Omega-3s. I can get 300 of them from amazon.com for around $12 with my monthly subscribe & save shipment. For the record, I researched and then chose that one because it is GMP [Good Marketing Practices] approved, meets USP purity standards and is sold at a very reasonable cost. The only other thing I can say is that it has worked well for my health – my cholesterol numbers improved greatly after a few months of regular use. I hope my puppy will benefit, too. Thanks again!

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    Hey Scott, Trader Joe’s is a good place to buy the Organic Virgin Coconut oil, too.

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    Well folks, my puppy doesn’t like the smell of coconut oil. Can you believe it? Any ideas about how to get him to eat it?

    Also, after doing lots of research here and on Whole Dog Journal, I bought him Animal Essentials Organic Green Alternative for his green food needs. It is a powder and guess what? He doesn’t like that either. Ironically, he doesn’t mind eating my Hawaiian Spirulina that I take and I don’t have to hide it, so I guess I am better off giving him that, too. It is hard enough to hide his enzymes since he only gets a little wet food with his kibble. Any ideas anybody?


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    Mine get half raw and I can dump anything in their food and they will eat it.

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    HDM, I know you recommend Carlsons & Nordic Naturals but what’s your opinion on Vital Choice, not the liquid. I know your reservations about pumps.

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    I’m assuming that you feed the first three on a daily basis and if so how much. My dog only weighs 3 pounds and she is a year old. On the digestive enzymes…do you need those if you feed straight raw?

    On the kelp, we have an organic fertilizer company and we have OMRI kelp meal and OMRI liquid kelp. Could I use either one of these?

    TIA!! 🙂

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Marie –

    I’ve check out Vital Choice’s website and it appears that they have quality products, my only concern would be that there’s no vitamin e added to preserve their fish oils. Their capsules appear to just contain straight fish oil so even if they’re starting out with the highest quality fish oil I would be concerned with rancidity. High levels of vitamin e (antioxidant) prevent the delicate omega 3 fats from oxidizing.

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    would they go rancid putting them in the fridge? I supplement twice a week with vitamin E. I’m concerned about any mixed tocopherols being soy based. Boone and soy dont mix well. Does the Carlson have soy or do you know what they preserve with?

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    In my opinion a good pre and pro biotic supplement is a must. I use Bionic Biotic from Pooch & Mutt (UK company, but they have now started selling in US through http://www.bestdogremedies.com )

    I have learned that most of the common health problems and conditions that our dogs suffer from are usually caused by sensitive digestive systems and allergic reactions. Itching, poor coat, runny stools.. You name it. It is all caused by poor nutrient absorption and with the supplementation of pre and pro biotic supplement you will be able to minimise the risk of such conditions.

    Bella had really poor coat and itchy skin a couple of years ago. I have put her on Bionic Biotic and in about two months her coat was back to normal. Two years later I still use the stuff and Bella is looking and feeling great.

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    Robert I would look into a probiotic called Biostareq eq terra biota k9. I just started giving I to my puppy and within 2 days his stools we’re firm and no more yeast and itchy red ears and feet. The probiotic you listed I think only has one main strain of probiotic. The one I listed has I believe over 10 with each bacteria having a 1.5 billion cfu count. It is really am amazing deal for 25$ since it lasts for months. I really have seen this probiotic completely change my dogs stomach and skin for the better within a week. Super happy with this product.

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