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    Smokey Dog

    We’ve had our dog a week and have been trying to transition him into a partially raw diet. I have fed him chicken, eggs, yogurt, spinach, and BLUE dog kibble the last couple days. He has had an allergic reaction, but I’m not sure if it’s from something in the grass in the backyard or because of his food. He doesn’t itch that much but he has small to large red spots on his paws, stomach, and ears. We thought it was going away, until last night when he seemed to have an especially bad reaction to something (I had recently fed him part of a Perdue chicken). Could anyone give me some advice?

    (PS he also hasn’t had solid stool since we got him, but I’m not sure if that’s just because he is transitioning from one food to a different type of food)

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    jakes mom

    Sounds like you’re giving him a lot of different things all at once. All good for him but many of them are potential allergens. I would slow down a little. many people on here have dogs with chicken/fowl allergy so I’d stop the chicken for sure right now. I would also stop feeding Blue anything. You’ll see lots of complaints about that brand on this site. Put Blue in the search bar. You may need to go back to whatever he was eating when you got him if he was ok while eating that, even if it wasn’t a great quality. Start adding a new food, and only one, and wait a week or so, see how he reacts. Then add another food, see what happens. This way you can tell what’s bothering him. As far as the stool, start him on a probiotic. My dog can eat whatever is put in front of him but some dogs with a more sensitive stomach may need a little help with the transition. Some dogs have trouble especially going from, say, a 2 star food right to a 4 or 5 star. Go slow, you can work your way up to good kibble and raw. Good luck, hope this helped.

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