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    I found this site yesterday probably some of you already know what the ingredients are & if there GOOD or Bad.. Ive printed it out to have handy when looking for a kibble.. http://www.naturalnews.com/report_pet_food_ingredients_6.html
    I was shocked how some of the ingredients are just a Gimmick some are bad & some cause illnesses… a must read..

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    I found I didn’t agree with several of the things they listed, some I was surprised at, and some I thought were right on the money. They definitely have a particular slant, but then don’t we all.

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    One of the things I read about was garlic. That is one of the more confusing ingredients to me. Half of the people I talk to about it say it’s great for your dog in small amounts, other people say to avoid it as it causes this this and this… What are your guys’ thoughts on it? (That site rated, I think, all garlic products as 5-star.)

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    I’d agree that bacon is gimmicky, but I wonder why they feel pork is “not great” for dogs.

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    Because they have opinions that they would like you to believe are fact.

    I feed garlic 3 day a week, then off for 4. There are a lot of good things that garlic does for dogs and it takes a good sized dose to cause a dog problems. However. fresh garlic is far superior to any other form of garlic. So I don’t want it in my dogs food.

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    Ive read that dogs can digest animals fats, chicken fat etc, & they dont digest oils as well sunflower, canola, vegetable etc. this is saying the opposite that dogs digest vegetable & fish oils better then animal fats, which one is it, are animals fats better or are oils better for digestion when in a kibble, I’ve read when its a animal fat it must say the animal, chicken fat etc but not just say animal fat as u dont know what animal its from & could be diseased etc.. I thought chicken fat etc would be better then canola, sunflower oils etc..
    Did anyone read about liver, it can become toxic to the body, my boy cant eat liver treats as he gets diarrhea…

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