What good quality protein dry food to try next? (pup has skin allergies)

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    pearl i


    Our 10 month old puppy has had continuous itchy skin since we brought him home: licks/ sometimes bites the inside of both groin areas, and his front paws, one more than the other. When we got him from the breeder he was IAMS (chicken protein), then has switched to Orijen LBP (chicken protein), and is currently on Acana Pacifica (fish protein.) He started Acana about a month or so ago, and is still itchy. This week was his second time visiting the vet for antibiotics, antihistamines, cream, etc (not prednisone this time, as he was prescribed that in April for the same issue.) Our vet believes it to be a food allergy as per his age, she wants him to continue on Acana Pacifica and give it some more time. However, she mentioned possibly trying venison or rabbit if Acana Pacifica doesn’t work out.

    I researched a bit and found Natural Balance LID, it has high reviews in regards to relieving allergies, but the ingredients are listed to average- below average according to this website. I would like to switch him over to another dry food that is highly ranked with a different protein that he has not tried: venison, rabbit.

    Anyone have any feedback related to this? Recommendations for a dry food?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Let me just stick my standard cheer in here… upgrade the food and also use a fresher form than kibble, even if it’s only canned food. I’ve seen many people us Nature’s Variety Instinct, Merrick, and similar premium brands successfully. Also, use a good probiotic without a bunch of extra junk (Proviable is a decent choice) and a digestive enzyme for a couple of months. After a few weeks of adjusting to a new food, think about adding some fresh sources of fats and vitamins such as sardines, eggs and liver (start slow).

    Itchy skin in a dog this young has a high likelihood of having to do, at least in part, with diet.

    Good luck!


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    pearl i

    Thank you Tabitha! About how long are you supposed to trial new food for?

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