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    Ive been searching the web for some numbers, just out of curiosity I suppose, of what the best selling dog foods on the market are. I mean, we all agree that there are many dog foods that are on our personal do not buy list; whether it be because our dogs may not like the food, or because we do not like whats in the food, then theres the dog foods that people say they buy, but the real truth lies in the actual sales of these foods. I started searching for top dog food sales for the most recent year & I can’t seem to find anything definitive. I was looking for quantity as well as top sales. For example, Yum Yum Food sold 10,000 pounds of dry dog food or 2000 bags of dry dog food (I wouldn’t know how the companies break down their “quantity” sales). Then also Yuck Yuck Food sales were at $1.2 million. (both dog food names are just made up). Does any one know how to collect this data or find it? Any help would be appreciated.

    Why did I start to search for dog food sales?
    Well, I have 5 dogs. I love them all dearly, but dog food prices have really seemed to sky rocket. Back when I only had 3 dogs, they all ate “good” dog food. (Taste of the Wild). I actually switched from Eukenuba (excuse my spelling) because my oldest, Nikita, started to develop skin problems & allergies. Then when the youngest 2 we rescued joined the family, I was feeding them all Taste of the wild. But the $60 something plus tax with everything else, my 2 trips a week to the pet store was exceeding easily $300…$1200 a month just in food, treats ect. (edible items) So, I started buying both Taste of the wild and some less expensive food. My thoughts were to feed Nikita TOTW, & feed the others a mix of both. But of course they all want what the other has & lets face it, sometimes you just want Mc Donalds.

    Now, I am aware of whats in certain foods and whats better for my dogs to eat. If I were able to, I would feed them the best of the best. If someone asks me what I feed my dogs, to be honest, my answer may vary depending on whose asking. The only one I know Im 100% truthful with all of the time is our vet. It seems dog food brands are becoming a “human” category. If I were to meet a person with a LV purse & a yorkie in it, Im most likely to say that all my dogs eat the best foods. Why? Im not sure, but I feel if I were to say for example, Pedigree, you might as well tell the woman you live under a bridge. The conversation would most likely end quickly & she would run in the opposite direction. (yes extreme, but just so you get the point.) Does buying Pedigree make you poor, cheap, uneducated about dog food or d. all of the above?

    So that being said, Im curious to see quantity sales numbers vs revenue. How many people are actually buying quality dog food? How many pounds of dog food did pedigree sell vs taste of the wild or blue? I bet blues $$ numbers are up there, but Im assuming pedigree exceeds most in quantity (lbs).

    Whats your perception of the top brands sold? Food for thought… Thanks in advance to all that can help me get this solved. 🙂

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    Brands that advertise are the ones selling the most. That makes them convincing to the masses, not good. Most people think dog food is dog food. They think that the AAFCO statement means something other than that a food met the most basic bottom of the barrel requirements to sustain life. And as long as Fluffy doesn’t die immediately after eating, they don’t care to find out better. There aren’t any of the top brands being sold that I would allow my dogs to eat.

    BTW, if you care to impress the ladies with purse dogs, you need to tell them you feed filet mignon. No dry food would be good enough for GiGi.

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    I think the most popular are the brands found at the grocery store. They’re convenient to grab while human food shopping and the packaging is so bright and colorful with pictures of real food on them and we’re all indoctrinated as kids to get pet food from the grocery store (well the kids who had parents that bought pet food from the grocery store)! I never once bought food from Petco or Petsmart until I learned about how bad dog food can be and that wasn’t until my 30’s and then learned better foods were at the feed store and now I shop mostly online.

    Costco’s Kirkland brand is budget friendly.

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    I have to agree, there are so many brands of dog food, which do you choose from.

    I had another posting going where some of you have been a great help in choosing dog food..

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    I don’t have volume numbers, but the companies with the mass-produced brands are the ones with the largest annual revenues by far. Blue Buffalo’s annual revenue (these are 2011 numbers) was about $352 million. P&G Pet Care (Iams & Eukanuba) – $1.8 billion. Nestle Purina – $10.4 billion. Mars Petcare (Pedigree, etc) – $16.2 billion.

    BUT Blue Buffalo and other brands that are appealing to a desire for higher quality ingredients are seeing huge increases in sales as people are becoming more aware of what is in their petfoods. More and more brands are showing up and having success, so it seems to be a great trend in the right direction.

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    I think Blue Buffalo is best brand as it contains Omega 6 fatty acids and glucosamine for joint health and its annual revenue is around $400 million which shows this brand has increases their sales on the basis of quality ingredients.


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    Anita J

    My little Yorkie/shih tzu mix was a mess when I first got her from the animal shelter…sores everywhere and literally biting herself silly…finally I found the right shampoo and food and thankfully she is doing great now. She eats Canidae Life Stages Chicken & Rice Formula. She has a swallowing problem so has to eat the wet food with water added to it. She also has allergies to all kinds of stuff but does GREAT on this food.
    I get it direct from petfooddirect.com on auto ship and no shipping with purchase of either 40 or 45 dollars..can’t remember exactly. Mine comes in at $1.88 per 14 oz can.

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