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    Josh S

    Hi all!
    I have an 8 week old St.Bernard/Bernese mt/Australian Shepard mix. We got him about a week ago and started him off with hard puppy food the shelter said they used (he was only there 3days and was super skinny) he would not touch it even when moistened. Tried multiple other brands for 2days and finally decided to try wet food. He immediately ate it and now he is a eating machine. We currently are on Blue Wilderness soft canned puppy food. I have him eating 3-4 times a day and go through 1 can per day (12.5oz). The problem is after each feeding he licks the bowl clean and whines looking for more. I’m not sure how much I should be giving him and if I’m not doing any favors by restricting him to 1 can. Any suggestions??

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