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    Hi All,

    My finance moved in with me earlier this year and brought her two 5 year old shih-tzu’s. I’ve never had small dogs before, but they are really great. A bit like stuffed animals really.

    She asked me to go pick up some dog food, and I was surprised to find that the Wellness Small Breed 12lb bag was $35; about a month’s supply.. I’m not opposed to paying for quality, but wonder if there are any cost effective alternatives? I noticed the standard Wellness Core food was $50 for a much larger bag. Do small dogs really need ‘small breed’ formula or is the standard variety ok?



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    Well you would need to transition the dogs to the Core because it is a different type of food. Also ‘small breed’ food generally is smaller in size, and might have a little more protein than regular food. Generally, you don’t want to keep a bag of dog food open for more than 3 or 4 months. The food has fat in it and the fat goes rancid when exposed to air so if you don’t use up a big bag by then, it might go bad unless you keep it in an air tight container and roll the bag down to get as much air out as possible. Other small kibble alternatives would be Nature’s Logic, Instinct, Amicus, Simply Nourish small breed, and Nutrisource grain free lamb. No you don’t need a small breed food, just mainly a small bite.

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    Ok, that’s good advice. I’ll try out the other’s and keep an eye on the shelf life. Thanks for the feedback!

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