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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has been feeding Wellness Large breed supermix 5
    I bought a new bag on Tues for my Newfoundland Boris and late Sat night he had very bad diarrhea. REALLY bad diarrhea upstairs downstairs everywhere. Now this dog is an avid counter surfer and had eaten just about everything (that’s what you get when you combine a large dog and kids) He has NEVER been this sick, he maybe gets loose poops but never full blown diarrhea. I brought him to the vet tonight because it had not resolved itself with a fast of 24hrs and small meals of chicken rice and pumpkin. After a stool examination my vet told me he has excessive bacteria in his stool which is causing the problem. She thinks it could possibly be the food because he did not get into anything else last week and he’s not a poop eater. Has anyone else had an issue with wellness lately, I am going to throw this batch away after I contact Wellness unfortunately I do not have the bag but I am going back to the pet store to see if I can locate the serial number.
    I don’t what to feed the poor guy now I need to keep his weight down he has arthritis like I said hes 10yrs old. Maybe Fromm ??? Blue Buffalo

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    Don’t go with Blue Buffalo, a lot of people have been reporting that their dogs have gotten diarrhea on BB lately.

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    I hope you find something that works for your Newfie! Please remember to keep all bags until the food is gone. I agree that Fromm is way better than Blue, if it works for your dog. Good luck to you, please let us know how it goes.

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    Thanks all I have not contacted Wellness yet have to go back to the store, and hunt down the lot number and see if they have a record of my purchase. Right now he’s eating Fromm Chicken and veg along with my shih Tzu Leo. Boris is feeling much better after his vet trip he received a shot and some antibiotics I guess I will have to keep the bags from now on for sure. I wish I had room and enough money to home cook but cooking for a 150 lb dog is a little daunting. Thanks again for the responses.

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    A lot of people swear by Fromm. I would choose it over Wellness.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Definitely go with Fromm – not Blue Buffalo.

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    joanne l

    I heard wellness makes some food at their plant and some are co packed.

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