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    Which of these two do you think is the best? I’m really looking for a kibble with quality fish.

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    Actually, Wellness only has one grain free and that’s Core Small Breed. Any other small breed Wellness contains grains….unless they have something new I don’t know about.

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    Some of the Simple varieties are grain free.

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    Nature’s Logic sardine, and it’s low fat. If you’re worried about the amount of protein, cut it with another kibble. Core has Ocean formula but I would call it a small/medium in shape because it is pyramind-shaped or a triangular prism in shape. Not flat. But I used it a couple years ago so it may not be shaped like that anymore. Then there is Instinct Salmon. I also used Prairie Salmon in the past. Hi-Tek has a grain free fish formula too.

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    The Ocean Fish Core has round shapped kibbles, now. It kind of looks like Cocoa Puffs cereal. I have to sog up any larger kibbles for my 8 pound dog, with water or canned food. Only takes a few extra minutes and apparently makes it much tastier :p

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    Yes, Akari, some of the Simple line is grain free but the poster referred to specifically small breed formulas which is why I answered the way I did.

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    Some grain free kibbles I have used that are very small and what I feel are quality fish based products are as follows:

    Nature’s Logic Sardine (protein 40.2%);
    Canine Caviar Wild Ocean (protein 31%);
    Pulsar Fish (protein 28%) is small, but not super tiny;
    and EVO Herring & Salmon (protein 42.98%).

    OK, the EVO I mention is one to use with caution. Yes, EVO did just have a recall (their first in 21 years I understand, but not surprisingly already their first since their acquisition by P&G in 2010) and I don’t know about ingredient sourcing, but I’m using it right now (for my grain and white potato free dog) and we’re having very good luck with it. A shame though, EVO was once a fantastic product with a reputation to match.

    I’ve also used Horizon Legacy Adult with amazing success and love it, but I haven’t used their Fish formula (although I’m eager to try it). The Adult kibble isn’t small, but isn’t huge either, and I have no idea what the size of the fish kibble would be.

    Orijen Six Fish is great, but probably one of the biggest kibbles.

    I don’t know about the size of Earthborn’s Coastal Catch, but they’re a company I trust also.

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