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    Hi everyone ! I’m seeing lots of conversation about large breed puppies, but little to none about small (Chihuahua) breed …. debating on switching my little, 8 month old, 4 lb., rescue guy over to Wellness Core Puppy … thoughts ?? Right now he’s getting BB small breed puppy, but I’d like to switch him to something else ………
    Thanks in advance … 🙂

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    I believe the talk with large breed puppies is because they require special calcium (I think…I’ve never had a large breed pup) and small breed puppies require special food. I don’t feed puppy food, I’ve always used all breed dog food. I personally wouldn’t feed anything by Blue. Other foods that are small are Farmina small bites, Nature’s Logic and something with an “A” name (Amicus?). Hopefully someonee else will chime in.

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    Hanna J

    Wellness Core is good, the kibble is pretty small. Nature’s Variety puppy formula also has very small kibbles, though it’s fairly expensive – maybe not a problem for a 4 pound dog. The only major difference between “puppy” food and “small breed puppy” food is usually the size of the kibble.

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    As the “mom” to three toy dogs, I do not believe that small breeds need a special diet unless, of course, they are suffering my some sort of illness that would require omitting or adding certain ingredients. At 8 months of age a toy breed no longer needs to be on puppy food. An All Life Stages food would better meet their needs at this point in time. My dogs weigh 5 lbs, 6 lbs, and 7 lbs.

    As Marie stated, large breed puppies require less calcium in their diets to avert the quick growth in a large breed that could possibly lead to bone issues once grown. Large breed puppies have specific needs that must be met. I also, like Marie, have never had a large breed dog but I know others that do. My dogs have all been toy dogs with the exception of one dog that I had many years ago (Tibetan Terrier).

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    Cary F

    I have found that my 4 small breed dogs do love the small breed Wellness Core, but their poop is now ” big dog” poop. 🙂 is this a good thing or bad? It’s harder to clean up but is it healthier? Sounds crazy, I know.

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    Cary, I have no idea if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it did make me laugh 🙂

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