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    I have an 8 week old baby mantle merle GD. Originally we were going to get a baby girl but didn’t pay for pick of the litter and it turns out there ended up being only one girl 🙁 (Irrelevant, I just get excited talking about danes lol)

    ANYWHO, I live in south texas and there is only one PETSMART that is near my house the petco is at least an two hours away. I bought a couple 26lb bags today and they had a “Reduced To Clear” sticker. I bought the last two bags on the shelf. I am concerned that they wont be stocking wellness core anymore. The puppy formula wasn’t the only one that had the reduced to clear sticker and well quite frankly CORE is the only food I’m interested in at the moment that doesn’t have to be ordered online.

    I know there are great products out there that are grain free and premium but whatever I’m partial to wellness (and acana/orijen but that has to be ordered and our USPS/FEDEX/ MAIL system here really sucks horribly.)

    I asked at the petsmart personnel and they told me that usually reduced to clear means they wont be carrying it anymore, the size of the bags are being changed by the manufacturer or that it is being redesigned/branded by the company…

    I guess my question is what has been your experience with petsmart and reduced to clear items and has anyone else heard anything about wellness core in general being discountinued or anything?

    Wellness is awesome. Since they dropped diamond (or at least I think they did because of the 2012 fiasco) They are at the top of my list next to Orijen and Acana (Although they are above wellness, I cant order basically anything that comes in the mail)

    Thank you for any insight.


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    Hi merleGDgirl-

    WellnessCORE puppy is a great choice for a giant breed dog, however I would caution you that they made a recent change to their formulas and it now has green tea extract in it which has been linked to liver toxicity in dogs. As for Orijen and Acana, they are both excellent brands and I would highly recommend them after your pup has reached 8-10 months of age as they both unfortuntely do not make a food with the correct calcium and phosphorus levels that giant breed dogs (especially danes) need for proper bone growth and development. My boyfriends brother has had their great dane on Precise Holistic Complete and he is in excellent condition with no skeletal dieases what so ever. They make a large/giant breed puppy formula. However, you would need to order it online.

    WellnessCORE isnt going anywhere in terms of the company. My Petco still carries it and will continue to. It might simply just be PetSmart that does not want to do business with their distributer anymore or something like that.

    Does your PetSmart carry Nature’s Variety? They make 2 formulas (The Turkey Limited Ingrident Diet and the Rabbit Meal) that both have correct calcium/phosphorus levels.

    Also, here is a list of other foods with those same correct levels, the first half of the list is grain inclusive, the second half is grain free


    GL with your new baby! Post some pics!

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