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    Raymond C

    In the Dog Food Advisor review of Wellness Core Dry (grain-free), salmon oil is not listed as an ingredient, yet it is listed on the bag of food. My concern is that the salmon oil may not be ethoxyquin-free.

    The Dog Food Advisor review of another dry Wellness food that contains salmon meal does not indicate it as being ethoxyquin-free. However, for other dog foods that contain salmon meal or oil, the Dog Food Advisor always indicates in a separate paragraph if it is believed to be ethoxyquin-free.

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    I would also contact Wellness (Wellpet) and ask, but I’m pretty certain their foods are ethoxyquin free.

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    When the reviews get updated, the paragraph about being ethoxyquin free is being left off. Other meat meals have the possibility of containing ethoxyquin or other artificial preservative that doesn’t necessarily have to be disclosed, so we didn’t want to single only fish meal out. But the last time I contacted Wellness, they stated their foods and sources were ethoxyquin free. Also, I suggest that if you see another meat meal that doesn’t state that it’s naturally preserved, contact the company and find out and also be specific with the question.


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    Hound Dog Mom

    All meat meals in WellPet products are guaranteed to be free of ethoxyquin.

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