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    Katie G

    I keep my miniature poodle (he’s 15 lbs) on a weight management food, Nature’s Variety Instinct Healthy weight chicken.

    I always look for high quality food (5*). I am looking for a weight management (10% fat or below, preferably around 8%) and kcals below 400 (preferably lower 300 kcals). He doesn’t need to lose weight, but I keep him on this diet because he has stomach troubles, possible pancreatitis/ibs? and we want him to stay a healthy weight so his stomach doesn’t hurt as much from obesity. When he’s in a flare up, we put him on hills prescription food weight management/stomach, but I don’t want to have to pay for that for forever. So I wouldn’t mind switching foods once we run out of this hills bag.

    Any recommendations on 5* weight management dry food with grain?

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    I use Farmina Light for my older dog who needs less calories. Fat is around 11% I think. My dog does great on it

    Victor Select has a Senior/Weight Management food that also looks really good. Fat is around 12%

    Those are the only two I’m familiar with enough to recommend

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    Candice A

    I’m not sure that there are many options below 325 kcal/cup. Would you consider a canned food? Wet foods usually contain less calories per volume and the extra water is helpful for digestion. He may benefit from a little extra fiber mixed with it- and for that my go to is a small sprinkle of ground physillium husk. The other recommendation that will really balance his tummy would be a probiotic which also contains digestive enzymes. I use HerbSmith- Microflora Plus- it also has stomach calming herbs like ginger and licorice. My dogs love it.
    I’m happy to do a complimentary basic consult if you would like 🙂 (https://journeysmobilevet.com/nutritional-consult-options)

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