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    Dena F

    Help! I switched my dog to Zignature Salmon as it is their flavor that is best for weight loss (my dog is about 5-7 lbs overweight) but I just learned about all the grain free concerns and am not sure I want to keep him on it. I’m also finding him very hungry but not sure if that is just his nature to always beg and want food (hence why he is overweight).

    He is an 18 month 55 lb. Australian Labradoodle.

    Most of the highest rated weight loss foods here are grain free. Does anyone have any other suggestions?


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    We switched from Zignature to Fromm due to the grain free scare, no problems with Zignature

    Happy with Fromm and my vet approves.

    All healthy dogs act like they are starving! Don’t let them fool you. Try a raw carrot once a day as a snack.

    Do not use baby carrots they are bleached with chemicals and are a choking hazard due to their size.

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    Dena F

    Thank you! I do give him carrots but it has been baby ones so good to know!

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    Fromm is also being implicated with causing DCM (both with and without grain) in Dr. Stern’s peer-reviews study and a group of veterinarians that are keeping track of the foods that are being fed when dogs are diagnosed. Zignature and Acana have the most cases so far. Fromm a pretty close third.

    Check out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TaurineDCM/

    I feed my two Lab/Golden mix dogs Purina ProPlan Large Breed Weight Management with great results. It has 374 calories per cup, but is fairly low in fat and a little higher in fiber. They have several formulas that might work for you. The ProPlan salmon formula is a little higher in calories, but the Purina One Salmon may be a little lower.

    Make sure you measure out the food carefully and cut back on treats. Royal Canin has large breed formulas that are lower in calories as well. Good idea to keep his weight down now. It is a lot easier on the joints and could possibly lead to a longer life if there are no other health conditions. Best wishes!

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    Baby carrots are not bleached nor treated with chemicals.

    To help satiate hunger, green beans and cucumbers are another option that are low calorie.

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    What’s True
    “Baby carrots are often treated with small amounts of chlorine as an antimicrobial measure to reduce contamination”.
    excerpt from https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/baby-carrots/

    Chlorine is bleach.
    And they are a choking hazard due to their size, not all dogs chew on them but instead will try to eat a bite size carrot with one gulp.

    On the other hand they will chew on a whole carrot as if it is a bone.
    But, know that too much veggies can cause loose stools.
    I find it works for 1 snack per day.

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    Unless you’re growing your own vegetables, they’ve been washed in chlorine. Unless you’re only drinking personal well water or bottled water, you’re consuming more chlorine than was used to wash the vegetables. Anyone that has to rely on snopes to prove a point doesn’t have a very solid argument.

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    Not true from what I understand!
    But, you are entitled to your opinion as am I.

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