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    jim p

    Looking for suggestions on best brands to use to help our senior pomeranian lose some weight

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    How about Wellness Core weight management, Anament Lean or Victor Healthy Weight Formula. Also the good old fashioned method of eating less and exercising more is still available. LOL! I hate that method for my self, but I try to use it on my dogs.

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    jim p

    Thanks for the advice. We try to use the eat less method as well, but want to try using the best available food also.

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    We used a Wellness Core reduced fat with great success. Others have used Annamaet Lean with luck.

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    jim p

    Thank you. Think we’ll try the Wellness product

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    Jane E

    I like to use a grain free dog food and feed less…the diets geared toward weight loss drop protein and fat and the dog acts hungry because they are not typically satiated. I like both Orijen Senior and GO! Sensitivity and Shine Grain Free and use a measuring cup every time

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    I would try Go! Fit and Free Senior, Orijen Senior or Wellness Core Reduced Fat.

    I plan to try the Go! next – it looks fantastic! I’ve used the Orijen and Wellness previously with success.

    FWIW, I’ve used EVO Weight Management and didn’t care for it. My usually “unpicky” Cavalier did not like it either.

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    jim p

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Ordered some Wellness Core products.

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