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    Mickey T

    I’m looking for a site for cat food that is similar to DFA. I figure while I’m upping my game for my dog, I should be doing the same for my cat. All recommendations / suggestions greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Lora J

    Please look at Dr Karen Becker’s site below. She is a natural vet amd advises on all pets. She has a lot of articles on cat food. Good luck!

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    For a quality cat food check out Zignature. Chewy dot com has reviews and more information.

    Also, you may find some helpful info here: http://skeptvet.com/Blog/?s=cat+food

    I am assuming that you are receptive to science based medicine
    I was told by a moderator at DFA, that DFA is not a homeopathic site and that all views are welcomed.

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    Yay! A cat person! Typically if a company makes a good dog food, there cat food is also most likely good.

    Here are a few sites that I have collected over the last few years:

    The Catinfo and felinecrf sites both have charts that may be of interest to you.
    Have fun!

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    Mickey T

    Thanks for the links and recommendations, crazy4cats, anon101 and LoraJ. I appreciate all views and try to make informed decisions based on many perspectives. Looks like lots of reading and researching for me this weekend.

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    Mickey T

    Anon101: I can’t find Zignature cat food on Chewy.com or Zignature.com. Their dog food looks good, though.

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    Sorry about that. For some reason I thought Zignature made cat food too.
    My bad.

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    When you have nothing to do go on this site “*********** Project” kibbles & wet tin foods with the most toxins & contaminates mainly have fish as the main protein, you’ll be surprised when you see the worse dog & cat brands….

    The best food to feed a cat is a Raw diet, kibble isn’t good to feed cats, cats have a short digestive tract, cats don’t do real well eating high carb, grains, chick peas lentils etc long term, some cats end up with kidney problems teeth problems from eating dry kibble….
    Look for a premade raw diet, I get the Raw sachets from Aldi’s in fridge section, it works out the same price feeding a raw diet as feeding the expensive dry kibble diet..
    I live Australia so our Aldi’s would have different raw formula’s then the American Aldi’s, I also buy chicken wings, freeze the chicken wings all separate….feed a chicken for breakfast every second day for her teeth.. buy those gloves for food prep if you don’t like handling any raw food & buy the Antiseptic hand cleaner to have on kitchen bench.
    Bad teeth are another problem cats suffer from eating dry & wet process cat foods, look at a cat teeth that are feed wet tin & dry kibbles over the age of 3 yrs old, their teeth are yellow & full of tartar now look at a raw feed cat teeth still nice, white & no tartar…

    Join these f/b groups
    * Cat Crap
    * Cat Chat
    * Rodney Habib

    Ziwi Pets is a really good air dried raw food wet & dry
    my cat goes nuts when she smells the Ziwi Pets Mackerel & Lamb
    send Ziwi Pets an email asking any questions you may have & ask for cat samples…

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    Mickey T-
    I feed my cats a variety of canned foods and follow it up with a little kibble. I try to avoid canned food that contains fish. It has been possibly linked to hyperthyroidism and also according to the *********** Project findings that Susan mentioned above, often contain more contaminants than other flavors.
    I have fed several different dry foods and don’t believe it is as evil as some do. But, I do think getting moisture in their diets is very important. Especially if they are indoor only cats like mine. Due to urinary tract issues with one of my cats, I feed a couple of different Royal Canin Rx dry recipes that have a S/O index. My cats are doing very well on this regimen so far.
    Hope this helps!

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    Nutrisca has cat food, that must be what I was thinking of. My dogs have done well on their dog food. Check Chewy dot com

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