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    Caryn B

    Vet suggesting giving my 9 mon Morkie Adult food. Giving her Blue Life Protection Formula now. Any suggestions? Feeling overwhelmed.

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    What are your questions? If she is doing well on her current food just go to the adult formula. Don’t free feed (leave food down all day) offer 2 meals a day, measured amounts, pick up and store anything not eaten in 10 minutes in the fridg and offer at the next meal time.
    Add a splash of water to meals, and brush the teeth once a day (see YouTube for how to videos) small breeds tend to have lousy teeth.
    I use kibble as a base and add a bite of something tasty to it, chopped up cooked lean meat, a spoonful of scrambled egg…you get the idea.

    Oh, btw, the same folks that answer in the Editors Choice Forum tend to answer questions here too.

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    Caryn B

    A few people told me that the Blue Wilderness brand is lower quality. So, I thought it would be a good time to switch. I have never brushed her teeth. In your opinion, I should stay with Blue?

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    Did the vet that examined her say she was in good health? If so, I would stay with the same brand. What did the veterinarian recommend? You can leave him a message for him to call you when he has a minute and see what dog food he suggests.
    My small breeds like Nutrisca dry foods. Check Chewy.com for reviews. I have never tried Blue Wilderness. The Nutrisca is a small kibble so I find the little ones do well on it.
    Hope this helps:

    http://skeptvet.com/Blog/ see blogs on nutrition

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    Hi Caryn, you have to realise vets aren’t nutritionist & some vets know stuff all about nutrition for dogs & cats….. a good vet would be telling you to feed a balanced raw or cooked diet to your dog & cat, not a kibble….
    You should always rotate between a few different brand kibbles & different proteins when feeding a kibble, never just feed the one brand & same protein their whole lives like some people do….also add fresh whole foods to the kibble…. They have found by adding 1 tablespoon of cooked veggies/fruit or a protein to the dogs kibble just 3 times a week can reduce the chances of them getting cancer.. …follow “Rodney Habib” the Pet nutrition blogger on Face Book he’s excellent & it’s so easy to make your dog healthier, happier & live longer…since dogs have been eating just kibble they aren’t living as long as when they were fed table scraps & cooked meals..

    When picking a good kibble, look at the ingredients, a good kibble should have at least 3-5 proteins as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th ingredient, then should have a carb like sweet potatoes as the next ingredient….. also when the ingredients are written, the ingredients are raw, not cooked yet except if it says meal eg, chicken meal, lamb meal, duck meal etc also the ingredient list is written on weight, so when ingredients are cooked the ingredients shrink, especially proteins/meats, a good kibble should read Lamb, then Lamb Meal, chicken meal, or turkey, turkey meal, chicken meal etc when it says meal there’s more meat cause the meal is cooked meats dried & made into powder form (meal) but when it just say chicken or lamb or duck, it’s raw & hasn’t been cooked yet it needs the meal to follow, duck then duck meal or chicken then chicken meal etc… also if it say’s fish or ocean fish you want to know what type of fish it is?? it should say salmon, salmon meal or Whitefish, Sardines or Anchovy …..
    Have a look at “Canidae” Pure formulas grain free & their Life Stages formulas, their Life Stages, All Life Stages formula is a good kibble, it has 4 high quality meat meals, chicken, turkey, lamb & fish & is a pretty good price when you buy a 20kg bag, then look for another premium kibble & I rotate in the same day some times, I give Patch his “Taste Of The Wild” Sierra Mountain for breakfast then he has Canidae Life Stages formula for dinner when I forget to take out his cooked meal out of freezer…. Some people rotate when the bag of kibble is down too 1/4 of the bag left then start adding & mixing in the next new kibble your going to feed, after you have rotated a few different kibbles you don’t really need to slowly introduce anymore……You will see a difference when your dog is feed a better quality kibble that agrees with him, they have more energy, their coat shines, their poos are firm & smaller…. then pick about 3 different kibbles with different proteins & fed them but still keep your eye out for another kibble to try that’s on special or new..
    Go onto the “Review” section & start looking at 3-5 star kibbles, I prefer a kibble with less ingredients, limited ingredient kibbles & I add fresh cooked food to the kibble, tin sardines in oil/spring water are excellent, I add tin Salmon in spring water, you ban add the salmon bones, you give about 3 small sardines or 1/4 of the small tin, also veggies broccoli, berries, apple, I fed pieces of peeled seeded apple, watermelon, rock melon as treats also yogurt Patch gets 1 heap spoon yogurt at 11 am every day now….3-4 years ago if I gave Patch anything different in his diet he’d have diarrhea, gas/farts, bad wind pain, rumbling, grumbling bowel noises, he’s a rescue that was feed a very poor diet & now has IBD & Skin & Food sensitivities…. Good Luck
    *Canidae- http://www.canidae.com/dog-food/products
    *Sport Dog Elite Series- http://www.sportdogfood.com/dog-food/active-sporting/performance/
    *Taste Of The Wild- http://www.tasteofthewild.com.au
    *California Natural- http://www.californianaturalpet.com/products

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    I personally wouldn’t feed Blue; they’ve had their share of problems. Choose a 4 or 5 star food from the listed here on DFA.

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    Caryn B

    Thank you for your responses. I decided on the Acana product after reading here and in the pet supply store, I felt I could trust the person helping me. He really seemed to know his stuff and confirmed what I have read here. Dimples seems to LOVE it. So happy. Thank you so much!

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    Karen C

    Hi all. I’m brand new to the forum part of things. I’ve been following DFA for a couple of years now and decided to join today.

    I have read and done tons of research on dog food(s) and know a lot of what to stay away from. One of those brands was Hill Science Diet. Wouldn’t go near it and advised others to not buy it either.

    I have a 5 1/2 year old Shihtzu with a bazillion skin issues….and we have been to 3 different vets in 3 different cities. I have tried every premium dog food over the last 4 1/2 years…and even resorted to making it myself using the best organic ingredients. Her skin issues didn’t start until she was a year old. Our current vet had suggested SEVERAL times to try Science Diet Sensitive Skin (and stomach). I kept refusing. The only way to control her skin issues was to be put on steroids with which she has been on for almost 3 years, and yes….I know the dangers of using those too.

    Because I was at my wits end and had tried so many other foods from Acana to Orijen and from Blue to Earthborn and EVERYTHING in between, I said wth to the vet and decided to try Science Diet……against my better judgement.

    It has been 3 weeks since she was transitioned to a complete SD diet. I cannot believe my eyes. Her skin is 110% healthy…..so beautiful. She is not digging at herself and scratching incessantly. She’s still a licker, which is just habit? But I just can’t believe it. I am in awe, and kicking myself for not trying SD sooner. At this point in Tilly’s and my lives, I don’t CARE what’s in it….because whatever it is can’t be all that bad OR as bad for her as steroids on a daily basis.

    I told you up front, I was so against Hills Science Diet and nothing would change my mind. Now, I have to swallow my words and let you know. I (Tilly) may be an exception to the rule, but right now it’s a food that I will keep giving her.

    Now for my Boxer pup…….

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    Susan W

    Karen C – I have two suggestions for you & your itchy pup.
    1) my 2 dogs were ITCHY. I started looking for a good quality dog food I could afford. I came across VeRUS pet food on a list of 15 companies that had never had a recall. I got on the VeRUS website & read everything I could & I contacted them to see which of their foods they would recommend for my dogs. I got a live person emailing me back, asking good, sensible questions. They sent me samples of 2 types of food – we’re talking a couple of bags of these 2 types & each bag had at least a cup of kibble in it. I chose the Advanced Opticoat formula and have fed that to my dogs for several months. I noticed a HUGE/positive difference in their overall health and their itching went completely away… until about a month ago.
    That brings me to suggestion #2
    2) If your dog smells a little funny or has russet-colored paws (between the toes) or other patches, do a search for yeast remedies. You dog can get a yeast over-growth from poor quality/moldy dog food. If your dog is doing a lot of face rubbing/scratching, go get some food grade DE powder, put it in a sock, & powder your dogs with it. This will get rid of mites & kill fleas. This has cured the August itchies on my dogs.
    BTW – I recently switched to the 2nd of the 2 foods recommended by VeRUS – their Life Advantage formula. I did this because my little dog was beginning to turn her picky little nose up. She loves the Life Advantage and they have not resumed itching.
    If the DE powder doesn’t help, let me know, I might have another suggestion for the itchy dogs.

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    Kathleen C

    I feed my dog Wellness Core and I’ve been told by someone who keeps close track of what they feed their dog that Wellness has had a product discovered with something toxic. They recommended I switch to Tuscan Naturals Simply Pure. I’m not sure I want to do that since the ingredients are: chicken meal, brown rice, rice, chicken fat, olive oil, etc. I’ve always heard dog kibble should have 2 to 3 meats listed at the beginning of the ingredient list. I only have my dog on Wellness because it’s low fat and the Tuscan is 11% minimum. Has anyone fed their dogs the Tuscan Naturals? It’s listed on the site as just 3 1/2 stars. Wellness Core is 5 stars.

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    Kathleen C

    I forgot to check to be sent follow-up emails.

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