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    Jim W

    Have you considered doing a review of Visionary Pets Dog food? I have been feeding it to mine for a couple years now. Great results. Limited stool. Maintain weight, coat and health on small amount.

    I would love to see more Low carb dog foods out there. Obesity is often a problem in dogs the same way as people and Low carb as a diet worked very well for me. I suspect the lack of sugar is good for them too.


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    Wendy H

    I myself have eaten “Keto” for the past 7 years and very happy with it. I wanted to get my dogs, who are currently fed on free range organic chicken if possible and occasional Acana Wild Prairie food. I have used Dog Food Advisor for years and know what they eat is good but not perfect. While healthy, one is chunky and I feel I would prefer to use a real Keto brand and so I came here to see if Visionary Keto Pet Foods has been reviewed. I see not which is a shame. I cant find any other brands on here that follow the low card diet the same way. No grain is not really what they need. Does anyone know if there any other brands that are closer to a keto diet?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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