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    Lisa M

    Does anyone have recommendations for a toy poodle who can only have venison as the sole protein in his food (no chicken meal, eggs, or proteins from other animal sources) due to allergies? We’ve been through Natural Balance (didn’t help with allergies and he didn’t like the taste of any of it), Wellness (VERY fishy and made his allergies acutely worsen), Evangers (which was discontinued). Right now we use Evo 95% wet food, which has had recalls, and California Natural dry venison (which has had recalls, and seems to be being possibly discontinued? or at least it is very hard to find). I have a source for venison ground hamburger meat with ground bone, but I also have been unable to find vitamin supplements to add to it. I’d ground up some of the dry CA Natural and called it “sprinkles”, and he would eat it that way sometimes. He’s seen 2 vets, consulted with a vet internist, and has seen a veterinary dermatologist, so yes, it is documented that it is both food allergies and skin allergies. He did not go for any of the freeze dried stuff. Thanks so much.

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    Hanna J

    Have you tried ZiwiPeak? It’s very expensive, but they ONLY use meat sources in their food, and one of their foods is Venison flavor.

    Here are the ingredients:

    Venison Meat, Liver, Tripe, Heart and Kidney, Chicory Inulin, Green-lipped Mussel, Fish Oil, Lecithin, Kelp, Vitamins and Minerals, Parsley, Naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Copper proteinate

    ZiwiPeak Daily-Dog Cuisine Venison Real Meat Dry Dog Food

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    Hanna J

    There is mussel in there – but it doesn’t seem likely that he’s ever had it in anything before.

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    Lisa M

    No, I haven’t tried that one yet, but it was next on my list. Thank you for the input!
    He’s been expensive the whole time, but that baby’s worth every penny!!

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    ronald s

    How about natures variety?

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    Why only venison? You say allergies, what proteins exactly is he allergic to?

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    Primal Raw Formula has a Venison that does not contain any other “animal” ingredients. It does contain some fruits and veggies. I don’t know whether your dog has any issues with any fruits and veggies in particular. It is one of the foods I use in rotation because I have a dog with allergies and intolerances to all things fowl including eggs. She does well on their Venison Formula.

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    Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Venison, Pioneer Naturals Venison regular and grain-free.

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    Ugh, read the comments under the Pioneer Naturals review before you buy them! I used to feed Dr. E’s Limited Ingredient dog food and had the same problem that all of the reviewers had, then switched to Pioneer Naturals (which is made by the same company) and had the same problems. Someone mentioned in the comments that Pioneer Naturals didn’t follow AAFCO guidelines and I’m inclined to believe them. For a long time Pioneer Naturals had no AAFCO statement on their website (even though their other products did) until they changed their lists of ingredients. So did that mean that the original ingredient list was untruthful or didn’t follow AAFCO guidelines? I wonder… Anyway, I’ll never feed Great Life foods again.

    As to a venison-only food, what about The Honest Kitchen? They don’t make a venison food, but they make a base that you prepare and add meat to yourself. I’m going to try that once my allergic dog finishes her food trial.

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