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    Jeanne N

    The Dog Food Advisor’s job just got a WHOLE LOT tougher.

    The ***** administration has GUTTED the USDA’s pet food regulations. Pet food companies will have FAR LESS OVERSIGHT of how they manufacture their products. Poison in the food? No problem. Salmonella or other bugs? Put the food on the shelf – WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE. Not even the Dog Food Advisor will have access to information on what is in the pet foods we buy – because the public information DOES NOT EXIST. Welcome to the brave new world where profit over safety rules the pet food business. May be time to cook our own food for our beloved pets.

    Go to Keith Olbermann’s video to learn more:

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    Martha G

    OMG!!! This is awful! I was reticent about going to raw food for my fur baby, but this decides it! Bad enough things have happened with the USDA looking over the producers shoulders, but now it’s open season on our pet food supply!

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