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    Rich P

    Hello I’m new to the forum. I’m the dad of two female Fox red yellow labs which are one year old and two years old. I started feeding them a raw diet one month ago. So far everything is going fine and they seem to love the Raw food and be perfectly healthy.

    My first question is that I’ve noticed that my 2 year old Lab Harlee is urinating much less since the change to Raw. Frequently in the morning when she first goes outside she does not run out into the lawn to pee as she did previously while eating kibble food. Sometimes Harlee does not pee for the first time of the day until later in the morning. Harlee does pee during the day but it appears to be significantly less then while eating kibble food. Harlee is not a big drinker of water like her younger sister.

    I remember reading in one of the raw feeding books I read before before changing to the raw diet that dogs on a Raw diet tender to drink less water. Has anyone less experienced a reduced urine volume on a Raw diet compared to a kibble diet?

    My second question is is it recommended to have a full blood test done on a dog after being on Raw diet for a while to confirm everything is ok under the new feeding plan?

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