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    Mindy Q

    Last year I tool my rescue ShiTzu in for what we thought was a UTI the vet did a urine test notices an infection gave us some meds and sent us on our way. 2 days later I noticed some blood in her urine so I took her back and they decided to do an x-ray. Poor little thing was full of stones. She must have had them for years but never exhibited any symptoms. Anyways she has surgery and has been fine ever since. They put her on Royal Canin SO for her diet. My issue is the cost of the food is so expensive. I have both the canned and the dry and I will soak the dry and add a bit of the canned so that I can extend the use of both. The vet has just been bought out and the new owners have raised the prices yet again. I was wondering if there is a non prescription alternative that I can get. If I switch could I keep a check on the ph balance of her urine so that if there were to become any issues I could get her checked out right away. What do you look for in non-prescription dog foods to promote urinary health.

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    Did you check the search engine? Example: /forums/search/bladder+stones/
    I don’t necessarily agree with all of the opinions expressed. Hope this helps.

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