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    Karen J

    Trixie is a rescue, she just turned 1 year I’ve had her for 8 months, a terrier mix/chinese crested. Diagnosed with urinary crystals. No infection or stones. But she peed in house twice, there is a dog door and she walks and goes to daycare.

    Since diagnosis 2 days ago I’ve switched her to filtered water and add Cranberry Comfort to her food, was told to get low ash food and also raw dried. I put Stella and Chewy on her kibble and she loves it. I give her Natural Balance dental chews. I also remove the dark kibbles from her Blue Buffalo kibble.

    Right now she eats Blue Buffalo canned chicken and lamb and small dog kibble. She weights 12.8lbs. I’ve heard this brand and food are really not the best for her condition.

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    I’m not up on what foods to feed for what type of crystals, it depends on the type. I’ve boosted your post so others who have dealt with this and know the right website to go to will see it. I think Dogaware dot com has some info, but again, you have to know what type of crystals. Struvite crystals form in the presence of bacteria, so I hope that has been checked for. I do know that BB is not a balanced food with out the Lifesource Bits, so if you take those out, you should change foods anyways. I don’t like BB for that and other reasons.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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