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    I have an 11 year old female shiba inu. She has had some stomach problems in the past year and we can’t seem to pin point the problem. She would have loud rumbling noises from her stomach. She would be in a lot of pain and distress. She could not sit or lay down comfortablely. She would cry in pain. The vet thinks that the bacteria in her stomach is not being digested properly or something in that idea. She has been put on fortiflora daily, which is a type of probiotic and a Pepcid in the evening. I’m wondering if I should be changing her food. She has been on wellness core reduced fat for most of her life. I would add some canned food to her dry to help her eat because she can be very picky. Recently i have used boiled chicken added to her food instead of canned in case there is something in the can affecting her. Could she be needing a grain in her diet to help with her digestion? I heard this from a pet store employee. I am not sure what I should do.

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    shelties mom
    This maybe a leaky gut condition. Hope this article will help you identify the cause and treatment.

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    I’m not saying this is what you should do for your dog, it’s just my experience with my dog. Stella (and Laverne to some extent) had rumbly stomach. When she had this, she would not eat her meals. I started adding probiotics/enzymes but she would still have the rumbling. I feared it was pancreatitis or fat intolerance, so I switched her to a lower fat food….still happened. I also top with canned foods. I finally decided to put the dogs on a limited ingredient food (dry and can). I still added in the probiotic/enzymes. It worked in her case. Sadly, she went to the rainbow bridge in January with a neurological disease Cavaleirs are prone to. She was 12. I have determined that Laverne has mild allergies, and that she needs a chicken free, limited ingredient diet. I found that Natural Balance Swt. Pot. & Fish worked wonders for her (and all the dogs). However, with the NB/Del Monte merger I am very concerned about the food remaining a quality one. So….I have been transitioning over to 4Health grain free whitefish. I still use various canned foods and try to keep them as limited and lowest fat as possible. I only use probiotics/enzymes every so often now. I did try some other limited diets, such as Wellness Simple (Laverne had problems with the shape of the kibble pieces), Simply Nourish LID Salmon (dogs loved it, and small kibble, but stool wasn’t up to par). I’ve kinda figured out that tomato pomace and carrots bother Laverne, so I will keep those out of her diet from now on. I know that Wellness Core RF is a great food, but it is poultry based and has more ingredients than your typical limited ingredient diet. Perhaps you could change the kibble part of her diet, as well, to a more limited one.

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    I checked out the link to the leaky gut and it sounds like the issues that she is going through. I have a call into my vet to see what she thinks. I did some research into leaky gut and one of the causes is too much carbohydrates in the diet. I researched this on exactly what carbohydrates were bad what carbs are in the food I have been feeding her for years. One of the big culprits to this is potatoes. This is the fourth ingredient listed in wellness core reduced fat dry food. Hmm I’m wondering if this has been the cause of all her belly problems. The fortiflora I have been giving her seems to be keeping her belly in check but I think I will be looking to changing her food. Thanks shelties mom for this link. 🙂 Momof2cavs I am sorry to hear of your loss of Stella. This is one thing we are not looking forward to with 2 of my dogs hitting 12 yrs old soon and with all these issues with our dogs ( I have another one with many issues who we struggle just to keep him comfortable ) . I’m hoping to get all my dogs well and happy as soon as I can. Thank you

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    My cavalier was having a lot of digestive issues. The vet discovered a lot of yeast in his stool and gave me FortiFlora. However, FortiFlora wasn’t helping him and I too was wondering if a change in food was also needed. But a few on the forum recommended the Mercola Complete Probiotic. I went ahead and ordered it. It is pricey though. I started him on the thearaputic dose, which is twice a day, and saw immediate relief. He is now on once a day and is doing great!

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    For a really good probiotic at a better price, go to Swanson’s and order Dr Stephen Langer’s Probiotics.

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    She is on fortiflora right now and it seems to be helping her. I have changed her food to Origen senior formula, boiled chicken and some wet food added and after a week I am noticing a big difference. She is not eating grass like she used to. I thought she was part goat with all the grass she was eating. She was doing a lot of but licking even after her anal glands were expressed. That has dramatically dropped also. I am thinking changing her food was a step in the right direction. Hopefully this continues. I will keep my fingers crossed.

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    For yeast issues getting the carbs out of the diet is a really big issue.

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    jochurch63 & cavalierluvr,

    There is a yeast starvation diet you can try.

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    The yeast starvation diet is how I started feeding raw. It really worked amazingly well for my dogs.

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    Karen H

    Hi there, I would like to clearly state that I do provide customized dog nutrition products, premium foods, supplements and other items!

    As mentioned by previous members, have you had her checked for things like leaky gut etc.?
    1st ensure there are no current physical impairments.

    2nd, I’d love the opportunity to help you in anyway that I can. I do have foods that might help and several products. I have had 100% success thus far getting picky eaters gobbling up their foods. I have also had success with decreasing digestive discomfort and increasing health and vitality.

    I’m not sure how one reaches out to another via this forum as this is my first post. But, feel free to do so if you know how.

    Also, rest assured that I am NOT in the business of pushing products. I am however interested in helping pets and their people. This may or may not include the items I have to offer, but I’m 100% investing in helping!

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