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    This is an updated list of grain & white potato free foods. I included dry food only, no wet, raw, dehydrated or freeze dried. I included no part of white potato. Some foods on the prior list have been discontinued and a couple I can’t find ingredient lists for. I used the foods websites, not a pet food sellers website.

    ACANA-Meadowland Regional
    Wild Atlantic Regional
    Appalachian Ranch Regional
    Heritage Freshwater Fish
    Lamb & apple singles
    Pork & squash singles
    duck & pear singles
    Wild Mackerel singles

    AMICUS-small & mini breed adult
    small & mini breed senior & weight management
    small & mini breed puppy

    ANNAMAET-Salcha Poulet

    ARTEMIS-Osopure salmon
    Osopure bison

    AVODERM-senior health
    joint health grain free chicken
    Revolving Menu-all

    BACKWOOD-buffalo & field pea
    chicken & field pea
    salmon & field pea


    BY NATURE-grainfree turkey & sweet potato
    grain free ocean whitefish & green peas

    CALIFORNIA NATURAL-all grain frees

    Pure Wild

    CANINE CAVIAR-grainfree puppy
    Leaping Spirit
    Open Sky
    Wild Ocean

    CHICKEN SOUP-grainfree beef
    grain free lamb

    DAVES-both grain frees

    DOG FOR DOG (formerly Freehand) both grainfree’s

    DOGSWELL-Live Free salmon
    Live Free chicken
    Live Free turkey
    Live Free lamb

    EARTHBORN-Great Plains Feast
    Meadow Feast
    Large Breed
    weight control

    EVANGERS-grainfree whitefish & sweet potato
    grain free chicken
    grain free Meat Lovers Medley


    FROMM-4 Star lamb & lentil
    4 star pork & peas

    GO! Sensitivity & Shine LID Duck
    Sensitivity & Sine LID salmon
    Sensitivity & Shine LID venison
    Sensitivity & Shine grain free turkey


    GREAT LIFE-Dr E’s LID buffalo
    Dr E’s LID duck

    HALO-Vigor turkey, chicken & salmon

    HEALTH EXTENSION-grainfree buffalo & whitefish
    grain free venison & chickpea
    grain free duck & chickpea
    grainfre salmon, herring & peas

    HI TEK NATURALS-lamb, sweet potato & herring
    chicken & sweet potato
    Alaskan fish


    HOLISTIC SELECT-grainfree adult health

    HORIZON-Pulsar: fish
    Legacy: salmon

    I AND LOVE AND YOU-salmon & trout
    Nude: Simply Sea
    Poultry Palooza
    Red meat medley
    Naked Essentials-lamb & bison
    chicken & duck

    KASIKS-Wild Pacific Ocean
    Free Range lamb
    Free Run Chicken

    LOTUS-oven baked grain free turkey

    MERRICK-grainfree rabbit & chickpea
    grain free venison & chickpea

    MUENSTER-grainfree all life stages

    NATURAL BALANCE-Wild Pursuit: Trout/Salmon/Tuna
    lamb/chicken/guinea fowl
    LID: legume & duck
    legume & Wagyu Beef

    NATURAL PLANET-rabbit & salmon
    duck & whitefish

    NATURAL PLANET ORGANICS-all grain frees

    NATURES RECIPE-grainfree chicken, sweet potato & pumpkin

    NATURES VARIETY-Instinct: all

    NRG-Optimum line


    NUTRISCA-all grainfree

    NUTRISOURCE-grainfree chicken & pea
    grain free seafood select
    grain free lamb & pea
    grain free small breed chicken
    grain free Prairie Select


    PET BOTANICS-Healthy Omega chicken
    Healthy Omega salmon
    Healthy Omega lamb

    PET KIND-all

    PINNACLE-grainfree trout & sweet potato
    grain free duck & sweet potato
    grain free chicken & sweet potato

    PIONEER NATURALS-all grain free

    PRECISE-both grain frees

    SOLID GOLD-Mighty Mini
    Lil Boss
    high protein with duck

    SPORT DOG FOOD-Elite Beef
    Elite whitefish
    Elite chicken
    Elite venison

    TASTE OF THE WILD-Appalachian Valley
    Pine Forest
    Southwest Canyon


    UNDER THE SUN-All grain frees

    VICTOR-grainfree active dog & puppy
    Yukon River
    Ultra Pro

    WELLNESS-Core Wild Game
    adult chicken
    Tru Food: adult salmon & turkey
    adult lamb
    adult chicken

    WILD CALLING-Rocky Mountain Medley-all
    Western Plains Stampede all
    Xotic Essentials-all

    WYSONG-Epigen 90

    ZIGNATURE-LID trout & salmon
    LID kangaroo
    LID turkey
    LID lamb
    LID duck
    LID whitefish
    Essential multi protein


    4 HEALTH-puppy
    small breed adult

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    Let me add that I found discrepancies in ingredient lists for some foods between food websites & Chewy so please check ingredients before buying.

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    Wow, Marie! Good work!

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    Thanks C4C, it seems like it took me forever. When I finally was on my computer this morning to type it here, I was 2/3 done then I hit a key and poof, it was gone!

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    Oh #%&*! 😀

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    Jackie B

    Great list. People are always looking for things like this.

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    Thanks, Jackie!

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    Christina K

    I registered just to say “thank you” for this list. You don’t know what a help it is to me!

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    You’re very welcome Christina, glad it’s been helpful to you!

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    Bag of Opals

    As much as I’ll be trying to stay with Aussie brands, it’s nice to have more potato-free options to consider should I need to widen my scope. Thank you for this list, not just for me but for dog owners in all countries. Is there an age where reactions or inflammatory issues from white potato become more likely to happen? My pup is a four month old toy mix.

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    Fatma B

    Hi! I’m a new member and first time dog owner – my American Bandogge is 8 weeks old. we got her at 5 weeks and i started her on large breed puppy formula from Taste of the Wild – as i liked the contents and wanted to stay away from grains… But now reading these forums i’m not sure it’s a good formula due to calcium content and contemplating to convert her to Orijen – should i do that? or is TOTW okay for large breed puppies? i really do not want her to develop hip displasia…
    Thanks for your help!

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    Five weeks? 🙁

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    Kylie M

    Hello InkedMarie
    You seem very knowledgeable in the topic of dogs with yeast problems so I thought I’d ask you where to start. I have a 5 year old rat terrier who suffers from constant yeast infections in his ears. He also randomly has problems with his paws and dry itchy red skin. He has been to 3 different vets in my area and they all either just want him to stay on benadryl or give him steroid injections. I have been feeding him diamond naturals chicken and rice formula. After reading lots of different posts in here I would like to switch to a grain free low carb food. Do you think I should start with one on this list or should I try a wet dog food that contains no starches? I keep reading conflicting info about how I should use a wet dog food with no starches to help combat the yeast. Thanks for all the info.

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    “He has been to 3 different vets in my area and they all either just want him to stay on benadryl or give him steroid injections”.

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents, while you are waiting for Marie to respond.

    Sometimes steroids are necessary (temporarily) to stop the suffering and risk of infection until an accurate diagnosis is made. Sounds like it could be environmental allergies which are unrelated to food.

    Has your vet referred you to a veterinary dermatologist? That is where I would start.

    Have you checked the search engine here, example:

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    Hi Kylie: I have no experience in wet food for yeasty dogs so I can’t help with that. I Tried keeping my dog away from various ingredients but no luck. I tried feeding Darwins raw but no change. My holistic vet suggested a raw with no produce and that worked, for him. All dogs are different. He had one ear infection in recent ears and we think it was due to humidity. He does groom himself often and sometimes he licks a sore in between toes. He has that now.

    A grain free low carb food may be worth a shot. Keep in mind, you need to give him no treats, just his food. Keep a journal.

    I dont know exactly what causes my dogs issues but a change to raw worked for him. I can deal with an occasional ear infection due to humidity and paw licking is fine, unless he’s causing damage which is happening now. I *think* that is due to heat in the house causing dry skin and boredom.

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    Wow, what a huge help! Through some trial and error, I discovered my dog has some sensitivity to potatoes. He’s been eating Nutrisca Chicken and Chickpea for over a year and has been doing really well on it. I was looking for something else to give him a little variety though. I feel like the same thing every day would be boring and maybe cause some nutritional deficiencies in the long run. Should I be rotating a few different foods/flavors?

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    Bea T

    Natures Recipe has potato as the 2nd ingredient when I checked, is this not accurate? Thanks

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    I fed Nutrisca for years with good results, but due to recent changes, I decided to try Zignature.
    I a very impressed with this product. It is potato free, grain free, chicken free.
    Whitefish and Catfish are my current favorite kibbles (as a base).

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    Bea: it’s been almost a year since I updated this; when time allows, I will again.

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    Earthborn Holistic Venture LID
    Taste of the Wild Prey LID
    Natural Balance LID High Protein

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    Fresh is Best freeze dried food. freshisbestinc.com


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    Kim H

    Hello. My 10 yr old “itchy” lab mix girl was transitioned to grain free Acana singles but 6 weeks later still noticing itching. Acana has “peas” and there are few that do not. Our pet store found us Nutrisource High Plains Select. Our dog is no chicken, no to any potato, no grains, and now no peas. She also has a mast cell tumor/lump that we have to put her on neutral/cooling protein and this selection met that criteria as well. Easy transition. And my other dog 8 yr old prefers the smaller nuggets of Nutrisource compared to the Acana singles Lamb/Apple. Hope this helps someone else for NO PEAS in GRAIN FREE

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    Lynn S

    Wow! You really have to take time and research the ingredients. Rice and brown rice is a starch but also a grain.Sweet potato is a starch just like potatoes, corn, peas, beans. I have a 2 year old red heeler that would lose her fur around her eyes. She would rub her muzzle on anything and everything she could find. Yeast smell in her ears and smelly paws. I spent $90.00 for an allergy shot from the vetthat did nothing. So called grain free nothing. Its yeast issues that she has. Sugar and starch feed yeast. So no more kibble for her. I now cook her food

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    Linda C

    Thank you! I’ve been scouring sites and trying to find dog food for our dogs. They are allergic to chicken and trying to avoid the white potato. Not easy, thanks for your hard work, at least this is a manageable list. Not having much luck with canned foods. We did find Logic but not sure how that stacks up overall.

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