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    Dawn S

    My adult Springer has been sneezing for three years. It is very productive of a large amount of mucous. He has had his nasal passages and upper airway scoped, he had been on antibiotics for 6 months, and we have tried benadryl. We have tried several types of dog food. We cannot think of anything new in our home environment. He is otherwise very healthy and active. We have had to limit where we take him because it is so messy at times. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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    What did the vet give your dog for a diagnosis? I would make an appointment with a specialist.
    Maybe Internal Medicine, depending on what your vet recommends.
    Three years is a long time to be going back and forth to the regular vet without improvement.

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    Hi Dawn, have your tried antihistamine? My mum takes Phenergen every night, the Phenergen has helped & dries up the mucous, I have the antihistamine list + doses for dogs from Patches vet….

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    It is always best not to give a dog any supplements or over the counter medications to a dog, unless prescribed by a veterinarian that has examined the dog.
    BTW: Benadryl is a antihistamine. Every dog is different, these things can have side effects.
    Only a Dr can diagnose and prescribe.
    It sounds like you have had x-rays done and already consulted a specialist…if not, it may be time for a second opinion.

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