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    Brianna D

    Hi! I’ve got a 1 year and 6 month old husky German Shepard mix. Sadly, he’s only 35 lbs due to health issues with his pancreas where he isn’t absorbing enough nutrients. I was going to switch him to blue buffalo food ($$$$$$$) but then someone mentioned I try a raw food diet to help with his digestive issues (food allergies & lack of nutrients, etc) I’ve been doing research for the past 3 days trying to figure out where to start and I’m still lost.

    Someone told me they just feed their husky raw chicken & steak and steamed veggies. Everything else I’m reading online is saying organs and stuff like that. I want to make sure I’m doing this right and I’d love to see some weight gain within the next 30 days. Also, I see raw food lists and all of them have multiple different things like chicken backs and grass fed beef 1 whole egg. Is that how much you feed in one day?

    Any information would help! I’ve read the measuring chart but unfortunately can’t find my food scale to measure. I’ll probably buy a new one but right now, I’m feeling very overwhelmed and could use some help! Thanks 🙂

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    Did your vet diagnose him with pancreatitis? If not, you are just guessing.
    If it was my dog I would make an appointment with an Internal Medicine Specialist, I am assuming you have already had diagnostic testing and exam by your vet.
    Get to the root of the problem. Diet is not medication. You need to make sure he is stable first before making diet changes, especially something as extreme as going to raw. Some info here http://skeptvet.com/Blog/category/nutrition/

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    Has your dog been tested for Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI)?

    EPI is pretty common in German Shepherds, but other dogs can get it too. Dogs with EPI lack the ability to produce the correct level of digestive enzymes and they are basically starving. It can be diagnosed with a blood test and it can be controlled with appropriate porcine digestive enzymes, diet, and sometimes antibiotics and/or B12. The kind of digestive enzymes you can buy in the store usually aren’t enough, so you need to work with your vet. Just changing the diet is also not enough.

    If he has tested positive for EPI and is being treated, something needs to be adjusted in terms of enzymes, diet or medications. Every dog is a little different.

    Ask your vet. Good luck!

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    Brianna D

    Yes he was diagnosed with EPI. The vet recommended I do probiotics and enzyme powder along with prescription food (which he won’t eat at all) she never mentioned anything about b12 or any other medications. I tried calling her on Thursday but she was out of the office, left a voice mail. Figured I’d try here to see if anyone had other info.

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    If my dog had EPI, I’d work with a nutritionist or holistic vet on appropriate diet.

    In your original post, you put dollar signs by Blue. For one, it may be expensive (I don’t know, I’ve never fed it) but you have a dog with a serious issue. It may not be cheap to get him well. This is why working with someone to feed him correctly is important. You may save money in the long run. Just an observation.

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    Hi Brianna-

    So Sorry! I re-read your original post and I now realize that you were hoping someone would have good information on homemade raw diets, and not necessarily looking for suggestions about pancreatic issues. It is probably true that unless your dog also has SIBO or low B12 he may not need antibiotics or B12 supplementation, but it’s worth asking your vet as these things could be reducing his appetite.

    When my dog was having major digestive issues (which turned out to be IBD) I came across an informative website: epi4dogs.com. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it.

    Hopefully someone with more information on raw diets will respond. I do know that if not feeding bone, you must supplement calcium.

    Again, so sorry for misunderstanding. Hope your vet gets back to you soon and your pup starts eating!

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