Two questions: Actiflex and Charcoal.

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    First off, does anyone know off the top the dosage recommended for Actiflex 4000? I have a 65-70lb lab who will be starting in about a week (as soon as it gets here). It seems like the suggested dose was 3/4tsp with a 1.5tsp loading dose. Does that sound about right?

    Second, has anyone ever used activated charcoal for dogs? I have read before that it can help with gas/bad breath since it adsorbs to unwanted stuff.

    Thanks for the answers and help!

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    That dose is if you’re using the horse Actiflex. I’m sure the dog version has dosage info on the bottle but it also has “beef flavor” that’s why I don’t use it and prefer the horse version. As for charcoal, I’ve never used it. I’ve heard some folks giving their dogs probiotics or dried alfalfa or parsley for gas, even gas-x and bean-o!

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    Thanks Sandy. Yes, it’s the horse Actiflex, forgot to clarify, sorry! I guess I can just try the charcoal out. It’s mainly because it was on sale for cheap – 200caps for $10. If it doesn’t work, then I’ll probably look into probiotics, chlorophyll, or something like that. I’m not concerned about Loki’s gas, as it’s very occasional.

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    Geni J

    I have used activated charcoal caps on my dog at times when he had stomach problems or diareha. It helped him. I would take apart one capsule and mix it in with his food.

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