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    I am needing to give my dogs something to gnaw on to clean the teeth. I give them Deer Antlers at the moment but they are getting tired of them and rarely chew on them. What are the down falls to feeding turkey necks? I can get them from my grocery and they are cut in halves so it makes it easier with small dogs. My husband is against it because he feels they are loaded with tiny bones and he is afraid a bone will get lodged in one of the dogs throats and he has me a bit worried about it too. How often do you give them and has anyone had any issues with them?

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    I give my 8 pound jack russell mix turkey necks and my 65 and 130 pounders turkey backs. I haven’t seen any issues yet. I did notice chicken necks were too small for the little guy, though.

    Ham hocks (pig knuckles) also go over well. A favorite of my guys.

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    My Bailey is 50lbs. and has been on a raw diet for 5 months. I give her a half a turkey neck, along with gizzards or heart and liver, 2 or 3 nights a week for dinner. She has never had any problems with them. A turkey neck is basically one long bone with a lot of meat on it, not a bunch of little bones. I think they would be totally fine for a smaller dog. It would take a bit longer for them to eat it, I would imagine, but I’m sure they’d do fine with them… Good for cleaning teeth too!

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    Mine love gnawing on beef rib bones. They don’t seem fatty either.

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