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    Okay, I need some insight and some advice. My pup, around 1 years old. Aussie Breed. He has gotten to learn that he can jump up to get whatever is on counter. This is a HUGE “No No” every time I see him do this, I sternly said “No” and then he thinks he is in trouble and goes and pee’s on the floor! UGH. Mind you, I live in an apartment…whatever damage the dog does, I have to pay for.

    My dog isn’t normally difficult, he usually listens well and well behaved. However, lately… he has been “misbehaving and mainly, trying to get onto the counter to get food or whatever he can find”. And then, when he thinks he is in trouble or he knows he is in trouble… he pees on the floor or goes under the bed. He doesn’t pee always after being in trouble, but it’s happened a couple of times to a point.. I don’t know what else to do.

    I feed him 3 cups a day! 1.5 in the morning and 1.5 at dinner time.
    I take him out all the time.
    He is well behaved 95 percent of the time.
    But, since he is getting older… he has started to learn things like I can get onto the counter to get whatever I want attitude.
    I feel like he is peeing on the floor because he is pissed at me because I wouldn’t let him go on the counter to grab whatever he wants.
    What should I do?

    Back story, I only have had him a couple of months! Got him back in Aug at the Animal Shelter. He had a few accidents while trying to get use to the new environment but with a strict feeding schedule and him getting comfortable the pet accidents stopped.

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    I also, give him water all day but take it away at bedtime! I do not let food or water out for free drinking and eating. Strict Schedule. I take him out all the time as well.

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    Hi Kayla, I too have a rescue dog & Patch a nervous dog, he doesnt wee but if he hears the neigbours yelling he starts to stress, & want to run & run.. when he is weeing that is nerves he doesnt mean it, it just happens google “my dog wees when he gets into trouble” its called Submissive Urination, something would of happened to him when he was younger he probably got beltings, someone abused him… raise ur hand does he cower & try & hide, my boy does, so someone belted him…He needs to take time to learn to trust you, you cant lose ur cool even thought sometimes you feel like killing them, just smile & say its OK & just wipe the wee, in time this will get better, when I got Patch he wasnt trained he was 4years old & it was like he had never seen anything in his life & he would get so excited, 2 years later he still starts to cry & carry on when he sees another dog & wants to say hello to every dog, he acts like a puppy, he has gotten better, he needs time & trust also you……Patch has a nervous bowel like some humans when they get nervous they have to go to the toilet, ur boy is still young so with proper training he may grow out of all of this, when he’s being a nut he’s real happy ur probably the first real home he’s had that he feels loved, so they see how much they can push us, he’ll get better but try & gain his trust & show him what he’s doing is wrong, say NO & make him sit then give him a treat or one of his kibbles, show him if he sits & waits he’ll get a buscuit or a kibble or what ever he wants on the kitchen bench….he may be hungry too..I feed 3 cups kibble a day some wet tin food, a couple of doggy biscuits & some banana if he sits in the kitchen & waits quietly & doesnt cry & whinge like a nut & my boy weights 35lbs..It has taken nilly 2 years & Patch has become a real good boy but he still does his crying & whinging vet said that Staffys talk alot..

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    It’s called submissive urination. It’s the only way he can say “OK, you’re the boss.”

    As for the counter surfing, you have a choice, a crate or NEVER leave food on the counter. He has already learned that surfing has it’s own rewards, so you may be able to teach him to only do it when you aren’t watching, but he will continue to do it when you aren’t watching, unless you can prevent him from doing it altogether, or stop the reward.

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    Thank you BC!! That helped me understand a lot and great advice and tips!!! I decided to not leave food on the counter or anywhere he can reach it! As for the incident…he hasn’t done it again and hopeful will be the last! I have gotten to the point where I can hear him if he is in the kitchen and I say ” No, Dexter” and he comes to me and sits down so maybe he is learning. Today, I actually caught him in the kitchen but this time he jumped up and his two front paws was on counter in-front of the sink and it looked like he wanted to do the dishes… He just smiled soo big and I said Dexter, what are you doing? And, he came to me and sat down lol Smart pup!

    I also think that he was abused in the past! Because every time, I say NO in a stern voice he freaks out and ducks like he is in trouble. Sometimes he goes a hides under the bed or table. I did raise my hand to test it, and he actually ducked down and curled up a little and tried to hide and his face looked so sad. I felt terrible, I was omg.. you poor thing! So, I am thinking he was abused. 🙁 It is sad how people mistreat animals, makes me so mad!

    I started to basic train him with treats and when he sits, lays down or stays..he gets a treat! Now, he sits patiently in the kitchen while I am making his food! I think that is understandable, he is young and every-time I take him out he gets overly excited and wants to say hello to everyone including other pets. Sometimes he tends to drag me around because he gets so excited… I am trying to train him not to do that. Ha Thank you for your thoughts and advice!!

    Dexter is around 45 close to 50 pounds and around 1 years old! Still young and tons of growing to do. I think, once he feels comfortable and everything he will grow out of it and not try to push my buttons at times but lately, he has gotten better.

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    It sounds like you are doing great with him. Keep working on the training. When you take him out for a walk, try to freeze every time the leash goes tight, and treat him when he walks on a loose leash. That will teach him that he gets to go where he wants faster if he is polite about it, and there is nothing negative to frighten him.

    Some dogs are very sensitive to voice. If you use your voice carefully, he will become attuned to you and will learn to listen for your approval.

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