Trouble Training to Leash Walk two 5 month old pups.

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    Travis A

    Lately i have just started to get them out in the neighborhood for some light walking sessions in the afternoon/evening time. 1 of my pups Bishop likes to pull, he will walk in the direction you want but just wants to pull non stop. The other pup Rook whines the whole time but still acts excited to investigate and ALWAYS pulls toward the houses as we walk down the side walk. If i jog a bit they both get better at staying next to me but, i try using treats and stopping, turning directions when pulling. Granted they haven’t had much leash time i just don’t want to create bad habits as they get bigger as they are already 35 + lbs heading into their first week of 5 months old so i know they will be big boys. Suggestions and tips? Thank you very much and God Bless. Oh i should mention i do walk them seperate to get them acclimated individually first before attempting both at the same time.

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    I see you like the game Chess, lol! Yes, you definitely need to get these boys acclimated to their leashes. I don’t have much to add because I feel one of the best ways to leash train is to stop in your tracks when they pull and when they come back to you then, and only then, start walking again. I also like the reverse move then they are pulling. This helps them to keep focus on you because they never know what you might do next. Also, working on “focus” or “look at me” helps, too, before you begin walking. Are you using a regular collar and leash? Some people recommend head halters or no-pull harnesses for training. I’m not really a fan of either, but with larger dogs they might help.

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    Travis A

    Yes i’m a fan of the game, their custom tags for a Bishop and Rook piece are in the works lol but I have them on a harness with the clip in the back so they can still pull on it, i suppose a clip in the front would make it harder for them to pull, but i use a short leash and have used those techniques you mentioned so hopefully they set in. I also hear to leave the leash on them in the house as well and to tire them out before walking, hopefully they will get used to it all fairlly quickly. But i’ll stick to those stratagies and see what happens, they really are just getting started on their leash so i expect some time is needed just wanted to make sure do it right ha, so thank you much for your advice I really appreciate your time and thoughts.

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    Keep going with what you’re doing-and I second with what mom2cavs said. It won’t happen overnight, but if you keep working at it, they’ll learn!

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    What I have found to stop pulll=ing is to stop for a few seconds and make them go back beside you everytime they pull. It may feel like you are going no where for awhile, but after a few times they should start to get the message.

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    Travis A

    Thank you all very much for the advice i will stick to it and hopefully they will be quick learners. When should I attmept to walk them together? We also have 2 other dogs, 1, 8 month old pit who’s better and more used to walking and a young adult shepherd mix who is actually special needs so not the greatest walker either ha poor guy has cerebellar hypoplasia, he was a rescue dog but still manages fairly well.

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    Train in your home or backyard. Yes, all four of them at the same time. Walk & stop. Use small low calorie treats or kibble. It will take a million times but your strong dogs will walk with the pace of your special needs dog because they all will be following where YOU go. You need to be alpha & they need to know you exist (because walks are so exciting!). You can do it.

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    Teach them to “heel’ one on one before trying two together. Pups are not going to have perfection 100 percent of the time, but they are old enough to start with the basics.

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