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    I have a 5 year old rescued yorkie. I’ve had him 3 years and have broken all his bad habits except riding. He does great around town but when we go on long trips he hassles all the way,about 3hrs. I’ve tried the thunder vest, natural remedies etc. My vet gave me some ace(sp) and told me to give him 1/4 tablet 30 minutes before we leave. I just have a big problem with giving him narcotics but my vet says its better than the stress. I’m going to try a benadryl on a short trip to see if that works. Any ideas?

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    Have you tried a Calming Cap?

    There are many calming supplements on the market, some have published studies behind them. You may have to try and see which one might help.

    I also suggest to bridge the gap between trips around town and long trips. You wouldn’t go out and run a marathon without careful and deliberate training. Start with trips just a bit longer than your around town trips and gradually build on it. If you get “the hassles” you have asked for more than your dog can handle. Back up and reduce the distance. Then increase in smaller steps.

    You could also talk with your vet about Dramamine. He may have motion sickness issues that only surface on long trips. Plus, the original Dramamine has a mild sedating effect.

    Who knows, may be he has made some really bad experience on a long trip and you are dealing with an old trauma.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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