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    Hi Everyone,
    I need some advice if Millie my 7 month old mini schnauzer is : 1. too young to stop Puppy kibble? 2. If she isn’t too young to stop the puppy kibble, can I feed her the various kinds of the grain free Honest Kitchen(that would be the rotating) with toppers of lightly cooked meat or poultry for 1 of her meals? Does the Honest Kitchen have enough nutrients for a young gal or would i have to add various supplements/antioxidents/oils to that meal?
    For the 2nd meal would it be ok to give her commercial raw? Rotating within say Primal or Vital Essentials (or whatever raw co. that will ship to me) their various lower fat proteins.
    I do know the VE does not add the fruit/veggies so could I top that meal off with maybe some cooked veggies.
    BC mentioned that it may be time to cut out her noon meal,so I am trying to figure out how to get her off kibble & increase the raw & introduce the dehydrated.
    Thanks so much to all for the great advice and guidance you ALL have given me in these past months. I can’t tell you how much it has meant to me & the girls 🙂

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    I would cut out the noon meal now-I usually do it around 6 months.

    Technically a dog can be on puppy food forever. All Life Stages foods are the same AAFCO profile as a puppy food, and I tend to like them more in general. Just make sure you are feeding the appropriate calorie intake based on her age and size.

    Rotating toppers is fine, I start a rotational diet of toppers and kibble as quickly as possible. With Dani, I bought 2 small bags of what the breeder had her on, and fed the first one, mixed the second, and moved on to rotations right after that, and worked out great.

    As far as what is appropriate to top with, if it isn’t a balanced meal (like THK which is, but I usually reduce the amount of dry accordingly with that) like chicken or fruit/veggies, just try to make sure to stay under 20% of total calorie intake as unbalanced toppers. I rarely feed unbalanced toppers because I do so much training, that I count that in for calories as well

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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