Transitioning Puppy Off Hill’s Science Diet “Biome” advice?

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    Corey W

    Our now 10 month old puppy has struggled with his gut since he came home. He had both cocidia and giardia when we got him. That was treated and he cleared up for a few days, but he’s a poop eater (any poop) and re-inffected himself. After another round of deworming he once again firmed up, but nearly anything could cause a round of bad poops. Under our vets supervision we finally settled on the “biome” food from hills science diet. He has been on that for several months and it has worked great. It also helped us figure out that it was his heartworm medicine that was causing a problem. Now that he has switched to a different pill that doesn’t cause him problems, we would like to transition him off of the biome to another high quality but less expensive fo.od. Anyone have any advice

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    Hi Corey-
    My dogs had the same start as yours when we got them as puppies. I’m really glad you got it under control with Hill’s. Whatever you switch to, do it slowly! The Rx food you are feeding is high in fiber and probiotics. Tough to match that with an over the counter food. What does your vet recommend? Is there another Hill’s formula that is similar?

    My dogs still to do better with a higher fiber food still at age 10. I would continue to give probiotics. I now feed them either Purina or Purina One and keep either FortiFlora, Pro Pectalin or Proviable by Mutramax.

    Remember, ask your vet and transition slowly!

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    LE T

    I had the same problem as you with my dog. Many resources have given me useful instructions especially

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    Ana W

    Thank you LE T for sharing the link

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