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    Jennifer E

    For a variety of reasons, I am in the process of transitioning Alice, my GSP/Redbone Coonhound mix, back to kibble with raw toppers. Alice has been exclusively raw fed for two years. (I no longer believe in the “never feed kibble mixed with raw!” mantra that’s been circulating the internet for years. See this article:

    I’ve decided to start with Fromm Prairie Gold and then try Four Star. I’m hoping for information on how long I should expect the process to take. I started Saturday with 1/2 cup of kibble added to a smaller portion of raw. Alice does have a weak digestive system. It’s one of the reasons I decided to go back to kibble. The only time she had nice firm poops was when she got a raw knuckle bone. I was tired of having to put her teeth in danger to give her firm poop. Since Saturday, she has had pudding poops that have gotten firmer each day (so far). I have not yet upped the kibble portion from 1/2 cup. My main concern is knowing when the transition should reasonably be done so that if she still has pudding poops, I will be able to conclude that the food is not agreeing with her vs she needs more time to transition. Any guidance I can get would be so appreciated!! 🙂

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