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    I have adopted a goldendoodle puppy from a breeder, and I will be picking her up at the airport this Friday. I want to have everything ready for her so I want to be prepared with a plan for her diet.

    The breeder has raised her on the Pro Plan chicken and rice puppy formula, which has a 2.5 rating on this site, and she says that they usually start to introduce their puppies to new food at around 20 weeks of age. My puppy is currently 15 weeks and she’ll be 16 weeks when she arrives.

    I’ve bought two 6-oz. bags of the chicken and rice formula they’re currently feeding her since I don’t want to shock her stomach with a completely new food, but I want to get some recommendations on how I should introduce a varied diet to her lifestyle. I don’t like the idea of feeding her the same thing for every single meal every single day. I’d ideally like her two eat at least two different meals per day.

    Anyone have any tips?

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    Orijen puppy food was a hit in my boys’ 1st year. They liked warm milk, too, between meals. ZiwiPeak is a raw dehydrated food that is easy to digest & easy to chew (tiny thin squares like soft jerky). Good for the night time feed. Side dish of soft canned would be Weruva or ZiwiPeak, like a few spoonfuls.

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    Barbara W

    What size is your goldendoodle ? ZIWIPEAK is very expensive as it is imported from New Zealand. There are many 5 star dry or dehydrated foods on this sight, pick one, and gradually mix more and more into her current food until she is totally switched with no
    ill affects. If you mix some milk in , use Goats Milk, not regular milk. I would start with a
    chicken based food, just because that’s what she has been used to. If it is a large goldendoodle, you do not want them growing to fast as that can cause hip and joint problems latter.

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    She is a small F1B goldendoodle 🙂 I understand the basics of how to switch a dog to one new food, but I’m interested in how I would get her used to eating, say, a chicken and rice meal in the morning and then a beef and sweet potato meal at night.

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