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    My puppy is now almost 6 months. He is a corgi, and his name is Thumper. I’m a bit new to all of this, and I want to be sure my little guy has a healthy diet and is properly nourished. I am just seeking general advice, especially from fellow corgi owners. What’s the best dog food, treats, supplements? How do I ensure he’s getting all the vitamins, protein, etc in his diet? Should I consider getting him a probiotic? Any and all tips and advice are greatly appreciated!

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    Corgis tend to put on weight easily, they are herding dogs and need to be active. I had to walk the one I had for 3 to 5 miles a day to keep her trim.
    Feed measured amounts twice a day, I would not free feed. See tips in General Guidelines

    Make sure he is drinking adequate water, maybe add a splash to her food. I like Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea dry food as a base, but there are other good brands. Check for prices and delivery.
    If they have an adequate diet, they don’t need supplements, unless your vet advises differently. I do add a fish oil capsule for dry skin.

    I have found this site to be informative.

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    Kristin H

    Can someone recommend a good dental chew? We have been using Virbac Hextra CET chews; which we have had no problems with; however, they have been pulled from market and cannot find any data as to why. No recalls have been found yet have found that some pets have had reactions to this product.

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Kristen H:
    Here’s a thread on dental chews:


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    Bobby dog

    The link didn’t show up, trying again:
    http://www dot dogfoodadvisor dot com/forums/topic/dental-chews/

    Edit: Didn’t show up again for some reason, I’m sure you’ll be able to find it. 😉

    If it doesn’t post this time go to the forum home page, select dog treats, then about half way down that page select the topic “dental chews” started by Hav mom. You can also use the search option on the forum home page for other threads on dental chews.

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    Myfe M

    My 6 yr old Rat Terrier just started having bad breath. I don’t trust anesthesia but think I should have her teeth cleaned and then put her on a safe chew-for-cleaning regimen. Can anyone recommend a safe vet for cleaning her teeth?

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    Have your regular vet examine her teeth and make recommendations. The anesthesia is safer nowadays than it used to be. The vet will want to do lab work to rule out medical issues first.
    After cleaning and extractions (if any), get some dog toothpaste and a medium brush, see YouTube for how to videos, start brushing her teeth once a day.
    Of course, give her mouth a few days to heal first.
    The chews and additives are just breath fresheners, at best. It is the scrubbing motion with a brush that helps prevent tartar and plaque buildup.

    PS: Don’t be fooled by “No Anesthesia” cleaning/polishing services…’s cosmetic and doesn’t address under the gum line where trouble could be brewing.

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