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    Kim H

    My 4 year old female lab has crystals in her urine and her PH was up. An xray also showed a stone. She had struvite stones removed in July 2015 and now one is back. Back then the vet put her on Royal Canin to try to dissolve them and every night at 3AM she would throw up bile. Now he just recently put her on Hills Prescription CD. She’s been on it for two weeks and the last two nights she has thrown up the bile again at 6AM. The vet said its because theres nothing in her stomach and to give her a little more food before she goes to bed. I have had her on a holistic grain free, a raw diet and Fromm over the years and she has never once thrown up but then her PH goes up and she gets the crystals back. Why now on these prescription diets does she throw up bile? I wonder if its the corn or some funky ingredient in it thats she’s allergic or sensitive to? I even took her to a holistic vet and he is the one that put her on the raw diet which she loved but was constantly hungry even though she put on weight. She does seem to have more energy on the Hills but I even told my vet that I didnt think the ingredients in the Hills was great….corn, wheat gluten, by-products. Has anyone else experienced this with the prescription foods? Why wouldnt she throw up no matter what she’s on?

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    Denise R

    Our dog’s allergies/sensitivities were diagnosed through blood work. They initially were peanuts, potatoes, & soybeans & environmental allergies. We tried a whole slew of prescription diets (even including Kangaroo!) but none quite worked. Then we went to pet stores & just read labels until we found one that worked. After that we had to read the label every time because the manufacturers would change the formulas & the only way you knew ways by reading them. Also watch out for peas in the formulas. They are a current trend but many come from China & have been treated with harmful chemicals. I have no experience with the throwing up. Good luck with that.

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    Loren A

    I know you’re trying to do the very best for your pup. I don’t believe that the prescription diets are the best if you read the label they contain mostly non real food items If This Were your condition your doctor would not recommend that you take only artificial food. I had a dog with diabetes and we tried every prescription diet available her blood sugar would not remain level or even within range my vet Was preparing me for failure in her treatment. I looked into dog nutrition and it takes quite a bit of research I developed a diet for her and within 7 days of eating 4 meals a day her insulin usage went from 28 units twice a day to 11 units twice a day. It remained that way for the next four years. I met several dog moms in the waiting room of her opthamologist they wanted to try the diet for their diabetic pets both of the dogs but trying to diet had to drop in their insulin usage and the leveling of their blood sugar. We all closely monitored the kiddos testing their blood sugar from 3 or in my case 8 – 9 times a day. I don’t believe that food can solve all medical problems but I believe that chemicals cause medical problems. If you decide to try this I want to make sure that you check the pH with strips quite frequently to begin with and be sure to feed your dog meals 4 to 6 times a day and make sure they are quite moist. Good luck on your endeavors and best of luck to your pup.

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    Kim H

    The lady vet that saw Sophie said if I don’t put her back on the Hills that Sophie will be back in for bladder surgery again. She asked me why I don’t want to put her back on it and I told her I didnt like the ingredients in it. Well, that really made her made. She left the room and wouldn’t talk to me and sent the vet in that performed her surgery.

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    Kim H

    I wonder if I could just put her on a good quality, low protein, low sodium food that is similiar to Hills CD? I had her on the raw and I think that’s why her PH went back up and the crystals came back….too much protein.

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    I think listening to a veterinarian that has examined and diagnosed your dog and knows the dog’s history would be wise. Bladder stones often have a genetic component.
    Your dog has a serious condition that requires the expertise of a veterinary professional.
    Prescription dog foods are specially formulated as part of the treatment for specific medical conditions. It’s not just about the ingredients, it’s about trying to prevent your dog from having continued problems.
    Also, you may want to discuss with your veterinarian, about the possibility of medications that might help. I’m not talking about food supplements/scams.
    Did you try the search engine here to look up “bladder stones”.

    Also, your dog may need further testing and diagnostic procedures to determine the cause of her gastrointestinal symptoms which may have nothing at all to do with her diet.
    Call the vet, communicate your concerns. That is what I would do.

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    Luke H

    @Loren A, what was the diet you switched to? I’m trying hard to find something healthy that will help my diabetic dog. The specialty pet food store I go to seems clueless, and the few vets I’ve been to all want him on Hill W/D. I’m probably going to go with it even though I do not like the ingredients list at all, because it’s more important to get his blood glucose level in check than to give food that I wish he could eat. Any suggestions are welcome.

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    I would go along with the prescription food, if you don’t see improvement within a reasonable amount of time, I would ask for a referral to a veterinary endocrinologist, or find one on your own
    It is best if you stick with one vet that you trust and listen to him. Versus hopping around
    Just my opinion based on my experience.

    For science based veterinary medicine go to skeptvet dot com I have found that site helpful. Often he answers questions. If I provide the direct link, my post may be removed.
    Good luck

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    Hi Luke,
    I understand, the ingredients in the Hills W/D aren’t the best…. Have you joined a Face Book group for Diabetic dog?? groups are the best to join, you get support when you really need it & other people have gone down the same road & have done all the research & would know what are the better premium grain free kibbles, grain kibble & wet tin foods etc that will suit a Diabetic dog….
    What I’ve just started to do for my IBD dog is use a vet diet wet tin food for 2 of his meals & a grain free premium kibble for his other meals, he eats 5 small meals a day…..or the only other thing you can do is see a Dog Nutritionist & get help making a special home made diet formulated for your dog health needs…
    Here’s the F/B group called ” Canine Diabetes Support and Information” group, join group then click on the “Files” it’s up top of group just under picture & the first link is “Diabetic Dog Food Options” click on link & all these premium wet & dry foods all come up & have the link to the dog food site, someone has done all the hard work to help other Diabetic dogs. https://www.facebook.com/groups/CanineDiabetesSupportandInformation/

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    joanne l

    My dog use to throw up bile when he ate pro plan after switching he don’t do that anymore. I feed Dr. Gary’s best breed give that a try. I think the food you are feeding is the cause.

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    Delilah H

    “@Loren A, what was the diet you switched to? I’m trying hard to find something healthy that will help my diabetic dog”.

    I’m also very interested in this diet/recipe you’ve developed… can you please post or email me? [email protected].

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