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    Hi I’m new here but have already learned so much from everyone (I’ve discovered and added Kefir and Prozyme to my dog’s diet thanks to you all :)). Any thoughts on the newest addition to the Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient line? They’ve recently added a grain-free Healthy Weight Salmon & Peas formula – 26% protein, 8% fat, 6% fiber. My dog was recently diagnosed with GERD so it’s been hard finding a grain free low fat food (I’m trying to keep moderate protein levels, I’ve read low protein helps GERD but I’m not comfortable with the 20% levels I find in most low fat food). This simple HW seems ideal to me but I’m not as knowledgable as many of you seem to be on nutrition and ingredients. Any thoughts or advice on this new food? Sorry, I posted this under the Wellness Simple review page as well before seeing the forums.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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