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    Martin G

    Thinking about switching my German rottweiler to this food. he’s already eating blue wilderness wet puppy food.

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    Blue has had it’s share of issues; I think most of us won’t use it.
    In the red line above, click “forums”. Go to the Diet & Health issues forum, read the stickie, highlighted in yellow on the top, of appropriate foods for large breed puppies.

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    Susan W

    I was going to try Blue Wilderness with my dogs. Just about the time I got ready to buy it they had their issues. I did some research and found a list of companies that had never had a recall & settled on VeRus Pet Food. Granted, my dogs aren’t puppies but VeRus has a large breed puppy formula – as opposed to their formula for small & medium puppies. This tells me they put some thought into it. The protein amounts are different in the 2 formulas, too. Best thing: They send samples!

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    Here’s my Blue Wilderness experience:

    Adopted a 10 month old Black Mouth Cur in November. Started her on Blue Wilderness Chicken Puppy, end of January changed to adult formula. Started researching dog food, and had my concerns about Blue Wilderness. Continued with it because my local pet store has a buy 10 get one free thing. I would have qualified for my free bag next trip. With the last bag I purchased, Gracie started turning her nose up at the food bowl, then a few days ago, diarrhea and lethargy set in. I could hear her stomach rumbling from the next room, sounded like a volcano. Noticed one odd thing about the food, there seemed to be an excess amount of the little bits, (Lifesource Bits?) It wasn’t like that in any previous bags. Anyway, didn’t feed her for 24-hours (breakfast to breakfast,) and gave her 1/2 pepto bismol tablet. The next morning, she was herself again, and she almost inhaled her rice and chicken breakfast. Her illness could be due to something she ate in the yard, of course, but the food is still suspect, and I was thinking of changing anyway, never did get my freebie.

    More research, and my head is spinning. Lots of reports similar to my experience. Merrick seemed like a good choice at first, but a lot if folks unhappy with the formula change after the Purina acquisition. My cat eats Instinct and has been doing great on it, so that was a consideration. Orijen looked like the best option, if one can afford the Whole Foods dog food equivalent, crazy expensive. Well, bit the bullet and just picked up my first bag of Orijen Regional Red (made in Canada.) They only had the 5 lb bags which is fine to start with, but I asked if they had the larger bags. I was told, since the factory change from Canada to US, the new bags (formulas) are slowly arriving. Just when ya think you’ve made a decision, something else comes along to question it.

    Going to stick with the rice and chicken for a few days, then start adding the Red and see how she does.

    I’ve had 3 Rottweilers, wonderful dogs. Last one died last fall, along with our German Shepherd Mix. Both Humane Society adoptees, lived long lives. I’m getting older, and when the hips started to go on the 100+ pounders, got to be a little hard to help them get up and out. Downsized a bit with this pup, she’s about 55 lbs now, which I’m happy about.

    Good luck with your Rottie!

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    Susan W

    I’m a big fan of VeRus dog foods. They have a puppy formula for small to medium (at adulthood) puppies and one for large breed dogs. One thing that’s really important with your pup is that his food supports his body while it grows. I had a German Sheppard once who grew too fast (for his cheap food) and ended up with joint issues. Had I known then what I know now, I would have fed him better food from the beginning. Of course, VeRus wasn’t around then.
    Other great things about VeRus:
    They’ve never (NEVER!) had a recall in their 20+ years.
    They have a non-profit that helps train rescue dogs for veterans w/PTSD.
    They have a contact form you can fill out – which they will acknowledge – and they’ll send you really nice-sized samples.
    Check out their website – it has a lot of good info.
    Good luck!

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