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    Today I prepared my own raw dog food. Everything was okay but that kidney odor is killing me. I know that white part in the kidney is the source. Should I remove that part or grind it completely? Is any nutrition in there?

    Do commercial raw food companies add that part into their food or remove it?

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    I remove the white big when prepping with kidney. Not really sure if your supposed to or not, but I have a small dog, and not a very smart one at that. I feel like he’d find a way to choke on it or something lol I know most people use the whole thing, however.

    It really does smell bad, doesn’t it?? Livers and sweet breads don’t smell that bad lol I do get a little bit of that organy, irony, earthy smell from very fresh beef heart, but not near as bad as kidney is @.@

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    Yeah it smells so bad. I grind it so I don’t have any issue with choking but just wondering if it’s just a bad part we suppose to remove?

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