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    Just curious if anybody here has in the past or plans to feed special meals for their dogs on Thanksgiving! If so, what do you feed? Do you like to keep with Thanksgiving food themes or do you feed special meals other than things in the Thanksgiving theme? Or maybe you don’t feed special meals at all that day! I’d love to get some ideas. Thanks.

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    It may be better to keep them away from the Thanksgiving Day food/dining area.

    Besides how bad all the table scraps are for dogs, consider the aggression and food fights that break out. Liability issues, if a dog bites another dog or a guest.

    Emergency room visits for humans due to dog bites go up this time of year. Emergency vet clinic visits for a variety of GI issues are up also.

    Best to keep pets separated from the family festivities, offer a special treat, small piece of boneless turkey meat added to their regular meal, later.

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    Thank you for your response, anonymous. Unfortunately I don’t think I made myself clear in my original post. I didn’t mean feeding table scraps or parts of Thanksgiving dinner TO the dogs- what I meant to ask was if you crafted a special meal for your dogs on this day with their own foods in honor of celebration.
    My dog doesn’t get table scraps or hang out near the table near human dinner-time, but I do plan to make up a meal of some unique foods she doesn’t get often that are of course safe, healthy and balanced for a dog to have. Curious if others do the same?

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    About as close as I’ll come is making sure they have (their ground raw) turkey LOL

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Coonhound Mama:
    My zoo normally get holiday meals. Usually for my pup it’s dog appropriate food from our T-day dinner. If we are not eating our meal at home I usually buy Tiki Dog for him, no kibble for the day just Tiki.

    Even though you didn’t ask, same deal for my cats. For my horses I usually get a few bales of alfalfa, their normal hay is a mix, and lots of peppermints, apples, and carrots mixed with their feed.

    I am sure they all wonder why they don’t get these meals everyday! 😉

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    LOL Coonhound Mama!

    Years ago (way more than I want to share), I walked into my natural pet food store and saw Thanksgiving Day Dinner from Merrick. That hooked me on giving my dogs canned food instead of just kibble. My dogs do get a Thanksgiving dinner which does include some fresh turkey along with their fresh food for the day. I do include the appropriate human food in their dinner and my dogs have been trained to not beg or counter surf when our food is prepared or served. I think it’s absolutely wonderful that so many people do include their animals in the celebration! I also buy Christmas gifts for all the doggies in the family besides my own (and there are many), both comfortable and edible!

    Bobby dog, your animals are very lucky to have you! I always brought my horses a special gift for all holidays. Unfortunately, I haven’t had horses in way too many years. 🙁
    I would love to have them again!

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    Bobby dog

    Thank you C4d, I do love my zoo! 😉

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    I used to have that zoo and more, hamsters, mice, bunnies, fish, you name it I had it, but kids got in the way! 🙂

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    I’ve so loved reading these responses! I’m glad to hear what you feed your other animals, too! I used to feed my cat tuna and other kinds of fish on holidays just to make him feel a little special. I will have to get creative with some foods for the dog this year! 🙂

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