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    I just really would rather not put Frontline or Advantix etc on my dog. What do you use that is helpful and most importantly is safe and healthy for a dog to keep them free of fleas (and other pest too would be great). I just found ONE flea on her and that’s the first one since I got her but she was on Frontline and has not had an application since May 1st. The last time I put it on her, she got this rash on her shoulders but I only think the frontline may have aggravated her skin and allowed her demodex to come back (does that sound reasonable?) because it is still there, two and a half months post frontline and many baths later.

    Please if you could give me specifics as to how much and what brand etc etc. She is a mix that is probably lab/cur hound and weights a tiny bit over fifty pounds and is 17 months old. She has had lots and lots of skin issues and was covered with demodex when she was rescued at 8 months of age. When I got her in Dec, she was clear of mange but after a treatment of Frontline, she broke out in that rash. The vet said he got a negative scraping though but from what I understand that doesn’t really mean anything.

    I’ve heard some of you use garlic, if so then you do mean fresh right? And how much for her size and how many times a week etc?

    I would certainly appreciate any helpful tips! 🙂

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi somebodysme –

    The number one defense against parasites – both internal and external – is a strong immune system. I battled parasites yearly with my dogs until I switched to a species-appropriate raw diet. My dogs get raw garlic a few days a week (for a dog the size of yours I’d say between 1 and 1 1/2 cloves 3 – 4 times per week), I use Sentry Natural Defense Topical Drops monthly (natural oil based repellent that comes in an applicator similar to Frontline or Advantix) and Earth Animal No More Fleas & Tick herbal tincture 6 days per week. I also comb them with a flea comb nightly. I haven’t found a single flea or tick this year.

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    I use Flea Free Supplement and Bug Off (oral), whichever one is handy at the time. For the dogs body I have Mercola Natural Flea & Tick spray. On their harness or bandana (some kind of cloth) I put a couple drops of Halo Herbal Dip undiluted or essential oil Eucalyptus Citriodora every couple days. Halo can be used as a spray and in bath water too. Been using these (except for Bug Off) since last year. And I spray my yard with garlic spray, neem oil spray, Wondercide spray and put out AntiDote beneficial nematodes periodically.

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